Mac, member of Bad Company

MacBrayne, Calhab Judge

MacCabre, Cynosure criminal, father of Blackjac

Mace, member of the Crushers, enemy of the Crusaders

MacGyver, Angus, gadgeteering troubleshooter

The Machine, inhabitant of Steel Harbor and ally of Barb Wire

Macho Man, supervillain

Macho Man, superhero

M.A.C.H. One, super-powered secret agent

M.A.C.H. Zero, the prototype of M.A.C.H. One

Mack, Alex, teenage girl given superpowers by an unknown chemical

Mackenzie Queen, Canadian mage

Mackie Messer, psychotic killer Ace from Wild Cards

MacLeod, Connor, the original Highlander

MacLeod, Duncan, the TV series Highlander

MacLeod, Quentin, the cartoon series Highlander

Macready, Sharron, one of the Champions, a team of superpowered British secret agents

Mac Tavish

Madam Fatal, transvestite World War II hero

Madame Majestrix, Astro City villainess

Madame Moth, enemy of Bug Man

Madame Satan

Madame Synn, enemy of Icestar

Mademoiselle, ally of Captain Canada

Mad Hatter, Golden Age hero

Madison Jeffries, member of Alpha Flight

Mad Jim Jaspers, incredibly powerful, reality warping mutant, enemy of Captain Britain

Madman, hero of Atomic City

Mad Meckanoid, enemy of the Spider and Rex Robot

Mad Ronn, member of the A.B.C. Warriors

Mad Tommy, member of Bad Company


Magar, magical Golden Age hero

Magen David, member of the Jewish Hero Corps

Magenta, member of the O-Men

Maggie, the Human Magnet

Magic, M.A.S.K.

Magic Agent, John Force, an ACG hero

Magician from Mars, Golden Age heroine

Magicman, the son of Cagliostro, an ACG hero

MagicMaster, Harvey Comics genie

Magic Patrol, allies of Martin Mystére

Magic Tom, French superhero

Magma Taishi, Japanese hero

Magna Man, the last superhero



los Magnificos, Mexican hero team


Magno, Quality Comics' Golden Age hero

Magno, Golden age hero

Magno, British hero

Magnor, alien hero who learned his trade from reading comics

Magnus, member of Storm Force

Magnus, Robot Fighter, 40th century superhero

Magnus, Acclaim version of the above

Magog, ally of the Elementals during the Oblivion War

Magpie, enemy of the Knights of Pendragon

Magus, one of the Potentate

Mahabali Shaka, Indian superhero

Mai the Psychic Girl, Japanese school girl with telekinetic abilities

Maisie's Magic Eye, school girl with broach that grants wishes

Majestic, Wildstorm's Superman

Majinga, Japanese giant robot

Major Brasil, Brazilian hero

Major Disaster, Toxic Crusader

Major Gripen, Swedish hero

Major Lash, enemy of Grimjack

Major Magnum, Genetic Infantryman Officer

Major Mars, Golden Age hero

Major Power, ally of the Elementals during the Oblivion War

Major Victory, Golden Age hero

Makabar, Italian hero

la Mala Noche, vampire group

Malcolm, member of Bad Company

Malice, enemy of the Champions

Mambo, shapeshifting hero from 2000 A.D.

Mammaw Voodoo

Mampato, time traveeling youth from Chile

Mana, member of the Attacked Mystification Police

Mandala, telepathic hero, former hippie, now Member of Parliament

Mandrake, Magician, from the creator of the Phantom

Mandu, vampire, enemy of Nocturna

Man-Eating Cow, ally of the Tick

Man from Atlantis, aquatic hero

Man from S.R.A.M., Martian superhero

Manhunter, Golden Age hero

Mani, Mohawk warrior in 18th century France

Maniac 5, cyborg soldier

Manimal, TV hero able to take on animal form

Man in Black, Brazilian vigilante

The Manipulator


Manix, robotic secret agent

Manji, Blade of the Immortal

Manlet, member of Miracles Inc

Man-Monster, Atlas character

Man of Might

Man of War, Golden Age hero

Man of War, Revived version of above, used by Malibu as one of the Protectors

Man O'Metal, Golden Age hero

Manstalker, armoured F.B.I. agent

Manstar, member of the Crushers, enemy of the Crusaders

Manta, partner of Moray

Manta-Man, leader of the Crusaders

Man-Tiger, Australian hero

M.A.N.T.I.S., hero who uses exo-skeleton

Mantis, Mexican hero

Mantor, Golden Age magician

Mantra, member of Black Flag, ally of Zenith

Manusia Kecoa, Indonesian hero

Manusia Milenium, Indonesian hero

Manxman, hero from the Isle of Man


Marathon, Strikeforce: Morituri

Marchosias, enemy of Promethea

Marcus Britannicus, ghostly centurion

Margo the Magician, Quality Comics heroine

Marian, Maid, one of Robin Hood's Merry Men 

Marianne, French heroine

Marianne II, the above's replacement

Maria Rivas, member of the Espers

Maria Valentine, one of Los Luchadores

Marina, ally of Stingray

Marine, Japanese hero

Marino, amphibious French teen

Marino, Italian hero

Marionette, member of the Crushers, enemy of the Crusaders

The Mark, Dark Horse Comics freedom fighter

Mark, Sylvia, 100 Girls

Marko the Miracle Man, foe of Dixon Hawke

Marksman, Golden age

Marksman, Golden age, Centaur comics

Marksman, Hero comics

Marksman, British hero

Mark Tyme, British time traveller

Maroc the Mighty, superstrong crusader

Marquis de Carabas, resident of London Below

Marrina, member of Alpha Flight

Marshal Law, Police officer in San Futuro

Marsman, Martian hero

Marsupilami, bizarre Belgian character

Martan the Marvel Man, alien hero

Martha, Monster Make-Up

Martin, Larry, King of the Rocket Men

Martin Valient, Venezualan adventurer

Martin Weiss

Marto Neptura

Marty Hopkirk, ghostly detective

Marv, one of the Five Swell Guys

Marvel Boy, Golden Age Timely hero

Marvel Boy, Golden Age Atlas hero

Marvel Bunny, member of the Marvel family

Marvelman, the 1950's version

Marvelman, the 1980's version

Marvelo, magical Golden Age hero

Marvelwoman, ally of Marvelman

Marvex, Golden Age android

Maravilhosa, Brazilian heroine

Marvin, the Paranoid Android

Marvin the Dead-Thing

Marvo, Golden Age magician

Marvo 1-2 Go+, 25th century genius


Mary Marvel, female member of the Marvel Family

Mary Wayne, ally of the Griffin

Masada, member of Youngblood

Máscara Roja, Mexican cowboy

The Mascaritas, school age masked wrestlers

Maserman, thief, ally of the Elementals during the Oblivion War

Mask, Golden Age hero

The Mask, enemy of Ironmaster

The Mask, utterly insane Dark Horse character

The Mask, Magno foe

The Mask, Australian hero

M.A.S.K., team of heroes with high-tech vehicles and masks

Maskar, Italian hero

Maskarado, Filipino hero

Masked Angel

Masked Archer, Australian hero

Masked Gargoyle, burnt hero

Masked Magician

Masked Man, non-powered crimefighter

Masked Marvel, Centaur Comics Golden Age hero

Masked Marvel, Western Comics Golden Age hero

Masked Prosecutor, Hong Kong vigilante

Masked Raider, Golden Age Western hero

Masked Rider

Maskerade Proggaren, Swedish hero

Maskman, British hero

Mason, Cliff, Golden Age character

Masque Blanc


Il Massacratore, Italian hero

The Master, British character, Doctor Who villain and renegade Time Lord

The Master, US character, American ninja played by Lee Van Cleef

Master Blaster

Master of Disguise

Master Darque, necromancer, enemy of Shadowman

Master Hyde

Master Key

Master of the World, enemy of Alpha Flight

Masterman, Britain's Golden Age hero

Masterman, Fawcett's Masterman

Masterman, Zenith

Master Midnight

Mastermind, Captain Britain foe

Mastermind, smartest boy in the world

Master Mind Excello, Golden Age hero

Master Mystic, Golden Age hero


Matchstick, Kevin, the Pendragon

The Mathemagician

Mathews, Susan


Matrix, Steven, undead hitman

Matrix Machine Merlion X

Mat Sabet, Indonesian hero

Matthew 27:51, member of the Rapture

Matzah Woman, member of the Jewish Hero Corps


Maul, WildC.A.T.S.

Maureen Marine, Golden Age heroine

Maurice Destine

Mauser, Mike, detective and friend of E-Man

Mavis Davis Sykes, wife of the Badger

Max, British character, rogue computer with virtual reality nightmare world at his disposal

Max, US character, genetically engineered supersoldier on the run, played by Jessica Alba

Max, Billy, Crow


Maximo, Richard, Filipino character



Maxinor, ally of the Justice Machine

Max O'Millions, member of Astro City's Honor Guard

Max Ray

Max Steel

Max Tornado

Maxwell Hawke

Maxwell the Mighty, British hero

The Maxx

Maya, shapeshifter from Space 1999

Mayeda, Filipino hero

Mayfair, enemy of Grimjack

Mayhew, Richard, Neverwhere

Mays, Jennifer, detective

Mayumi, member of the Pintados

Maza, Indonesian hero

Maza, Elisa, ally of the Gargoyles

Mazinger Z, Japanese giant robot

Mazscara, resurrected agent of Crowd Control

McClellan, Kate, Knight of Pendragon

McCloud, Ace, one of the Centurions

McQuack, Launchpad, sidekick to Darkwing Duck

McVicar, Ian, Esper

Mean Machine, Angel Gang member

Mean Team, gladiators of the future

Mecha, member of Catalyst

Mechagodzilla, robotic version of Godzilla

Mechanic, Shadow Cabinet

The Mechanimator, Astro City villain

Mechanon, enemy of the League of Champions


Medioman, spoof Italian hero

Medium, Italian hero

Mefisto, villainous Wild West magician

Mega Bonhommie

Megabyte, Tomorrow People 

Megabyte, New Wave

Megabyte, Virus and mastervillain in Mainframe, the world of the Reboot cartoon

Megabyte, M.A.S.K.

Megalith, Continuity Comics hero


Mega-Man, giant robot which fought the DNAgents

Mega Mindy, Dutch heroine



Mega Toby, Dutch hero

Megaton Man

Meggan, wife of Captain Britain




Melkart, member of Iberia Inc.


the Melon Master, Vile Brotherhood

Menace, Golden Age crimefighter


The Menagerie Gang

Mendy's Golem

Men in Black, Protecting the Earth from the scum of the Universe

Men of Iron

Menorah Man, member of Jewish Hero Corps

Menthor, THUNDER Agent

Merciless the Sorceress


Mercury, Golden Age Timely hero

Mercury, member of the Space Sentinels

Mercury Man, Charlton hero

Mercury Mercenary, member of the Crushers


Mercy Sparx, demon girl


The Merk, alien who empowers Nexus

Merlin, wizard and advisor to King Arthur

Merlin, ally of the Sword

Merlin, Quality Comics' hero

Merlin, member of Freedom Force

Merlyn, manipulator and creator of Captain Britain


Merpati, Indonesian heroine

Merrick, Daenon

Mervyn's Monsters

Merza, Filipino character

Merzah, Timely Comics Golden Age hero

Mesmer, Olga, Pulps heroine

The Mess, A.B.C. Warrior




Metalhead, enemy of the Disctronic Funk Commandos

Metallix, Tag team superhero

Metal Man

Metal Plunderer, enemy of the Spider

Meta Maid, transexual superheroine

Meteorix, Mexican hero

Meteor Man, Galaxy Trio

Meteor Man, Robert Townsend movie

Meteoro, Brazilian hero

Methos, the oldest Immortal

the Metro Marauder, member of the Mysterymen

Michaelangelo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Michael Wiseman, man in genetically engineered body

The Michigan Wooverine

Micky Marvel

Micro-Face, Golden Age hero

Micro Maid, Top Ten pathologist

Microman, member of Strikeforce America

Microman, Golden Age character

Micromax, British super secret agent

Microwoman, partner of Superstretch


Middenface McNulty, Scottish Strontium Dog

Midnight, mystery man of the 1940s

Midnighter, member of the Authority

Mig-4, Freedom Collective

Mightor, caveman hero

Mighty Ducks, fowl superheroes

Mighty Heroes, cartoon heroes

Mighty Man, Golden age hero

Mighty Man, Revived version of above used by Malibu in the Protectors

Mighty Man, South African

Mightyman, cartoon hero

Mighty Mouse, The Mouse of Tomorrow

Mighty Samson


Mike, Tomorrow People

Mike Gambit, Avenger

Mike Mauser, Private Investigator

Mike Lane, Guinea Pig

Mike's Bike

Miki Aanak, Israeli hero

Mikron, member of Storm Force

Mikros, insectoid French hero

Milimeter, young Israeli heroine

Milk, partner of Cheese


Millie the Model, Golden Age character

Mil Mascaras, Mexican wrestler

Milord Justice, French character

Mimizuku no Ryu, member of Gatchaman

Mina Murray, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Mind Wars


Minerva X, mecha

Mini Man



Minnie's Mixer



Minyan Man, member of the Jewish Hero Corps

Miracle Jnr

Miracle Man, Marko

Miracle Man, a.k.a. Superhombre

The Miracle Man, Archie Comics

Miracleman, a.k.a. Marvelman

Miracles, Inc.

Mirage, Astro City Honor Guard

Miranda, daughter of the Doctor

Mirko, Italian character

Mirror Man, Golden Age hero

Mirrors, partner of Smoke

Mirth, mage, ally of Kevin Matchstick

Mirza, Brazilian vampire

Misery, enemy of Airboy

Misfit, member of Miracle Inc.

Misfits, Wally Wood's

Misfits of Science, TV team of "human anomalies"

Misha, Warhead

Missing Link, brutish original identity of Johnny Future

Missing Man, Ditko superhero

Missionary Man, Preacher Cain, scourge of the Cursed Earth

Miss America, Quality Comics heroine

Miss America, Timely Comics heroine

Miss Fury, Golden Age newspaper heroine

Miss Grimm

Miss Masque, the Golden Age version

Miss Masque, the Americomics version

Miss Mirage

Ms. Mirrors, partner of Mr. Smoke

Miss Patriot, sidekick to the Patriot

Miss Scarlet

Miss Victory

Miss Wonderstarr

Mr. A, unwavering seeker of justice

Mr Apollo, British hero

Mr.Big, enemy of Captain Canada

Mister Blood, Australian hitman

Mr. Canoehead, Canadian hero

Mr E, Chesler Comics Golden Age hero

Mr.E, Timely Comics Golden Age hero

Mr.Freedom, moronic superpatriot

Mr.Furious, member of the Mysterymen

Mr Gizmo, ally of the Spider

Mr. Gold, foe of the third Captain Canuck

Mr.Gum, member of the Atomics

Mr. Hero

Mr. Hyde, alter ego of Jekyll

Mr. Hyde, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Mr. Hyde, alter ego of Tom Jackman

Misterix, Italian hero

Mr Justice, ghostly Golden Age hero

Mr. Justice, Comico hero

Mr Lion

Mr Magellan, French inventions tester

Mr Majestic, Wildstorm's Superman

Mr. Martian, Big Bang hero

Mister Midnight, Golden Age hero

Mr.Midnight, foe of Captain Invincible

Mr.Minute Man, Street and Smith hero


Mr Monster, Golden Age Canadian character

Mr Monster, the revised version of the above by Michael T. Gilbert

Mr Muscle, Dennis Gifford character

Mr Muscles, Charlton

Mr Muscles, Lone Star Comics


Mr No, Reiki Warrior

Mr Nobody, Ace shapeshifter

Mistero, Italian hero

Mister Q

Mr Risk, Golden age adventurer

Mr Sampson, Hero High teacher

Mister Satan

Mr Scarlet

Mr. Six, Invisibles

Mr.Smoke, partner of Miss Mirrors

Mister Song

Mr Terrific, sitcom superhero

Mister Ti

Mr Tomorrow

Mr.Twilight, Street and Smith hero

Mr Unicorn

Mister Universe

Mr U.S., Big Bang hero

Mr Whiz

Mr. Why, superhero possessed by the Lloigor

Mr.Wu, Golden Age detective

Mr. X, British hero

Mister X, French hero

Mister X, Canadian hero


Misty, Hero Alliance vampire

Misty Magic, Hero High student

The Mocker, Steve Ditko hero

Mocker, Villains and Vigilantes villain

The Mockery, Astro City villain

Mock Turtle, English villain in the Astro City world

Modular Man, Wild Cards

Modular Man, Tom Strong foe

de Moker, Dutch hero

Moldiver, Japanese heroine with power armour

The Mole, behind the scenes leader of Storm Force


Moll Moonlight, partner of Jack O'Justice


Molo the Mighty, Australian superhero

Moltar, enemy of Space Ghost

Monako, Golden Age character

The Monarchy

Mongrol, ABC Warrior


el Monje Negro

Monk, ally of Doc Savage

The Monk, 18th Century character

Monkey, cartoon primate hero

Monkeyboy, New Zealand hero

The Monkey King, Chinese legend

Monkeyman, Partner of Anne O'Brien

Mono the Air Cobra, Golden Age Canadian crimefighter

Monolith, member of the Elementals

Monolith, replacement for the above

Monroe, Trip, Hokum & Hex

M.Choc, French supervillain


Monster, Comics Greatest World

Monster X, foe of Gojira


Monster Monolith

Monstro, Golden Age hero

Montgomery, temporal agent


Moon Girl, E.C. comics heroine

Moonlight Mask, Japanese hero

Moon Man, Golden Age Timely hero

Moon Man, alien hero

Moray, partner of Manta

Moray, Big Bang

Morcego Verde, Brazilian and Disney superhero

Mordecai Chalk, Astro City Monster hunter

Mordred, Arthurian character

Moreau, Dr., criminal geneticist


Morgan le Fay, ancient witch

Morgyn the Mighty

Moriarty, the crime professor, foe of Sherlock Holmes

Morisato Keiichi, Oh! My Goddess!

Morlock, plant-being from Atlas Comics

Morningstar, fire-powered member of the Elementals

Morrigan, ancient goddess and enemy of the Southern Knights

Morrigun, "female" member of the ABC Warriors

Morton Stone, The Undertaker

Mosquito, Golden Age

Mosquito, Futurian

Mosura, giant winger monster, foe of Godzilla

Moth, Golden Age hero


Mother Hubbard, witch

Mother-One, Wetworks


Mothra, giant winger monster, foe of Godzilla


Motorhead, telekinetic ally of Barb Wire

Motormouth, foul mouthed British teen with dimension jumping and sonic abilities

Mouse, thief, partner of Cat and lover of Demon

Mouse, Reboot

Mouthpiece, Golden Age vigilante

MPH, member of Astro City's Honor Guard

Ms. Marine

Ms. Megaton Man

Ms. Mercury

Ms. Monster

Ms. Mystic

Ms. Vanity, Archie Comics Super Teen

Ms. Victory

Much the Miller's Son, Merry Man

Mudrake the Magician, Australian hero

Mudsy, the Funky Phantom

el Muerto

Mujer de Rosa

La Mujer Murcielago

Mulrooney, Tim, Captain Wonder's sidekick

Multi Man

Mulwray, Brennan

Mummies Alive

The Mummy, Imhotep

Murciélaga She-Bat

Murciélago, Mexican character

el Murcielago, Spanish character

Murdoch, John

Murray, Mina, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Musculoso, vain Brazilian hero

Music Master


The Mutant, enemy of Mega-City One

Mutant, Web-Masters

Mutant X, team of mutant resistance fighters

Mutation, Silver City hero

Muto the Multiform, enemy of the Spider

Mygalo, Web-Masters

Mylar, Brazilian hero

Mys-TECH, evil organisation run by ancient wizards

Mystere, Martin, paranormal detective

Mystery, Inc.(1963

Mystery Man of the Desert

Mysterymen, team of superhero second-stringers

Mystic Hand, member of the Mystery Men

Mystic Machine Maharlika

Mystra, Wally Wood's Misfits

Mytek the Mighty, giant robot ape