Real Name: Kirk Armstrong

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magical curse

Occupation: Fantasy model, sculptor, and theme park consultant

Affiliations: Terri Marsh (girlfriend)

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Zachariah Armstrong (uncle)

Aliases: The Man with the Power of a 1000 Monsters

Base of Operations: Cobb House, Olympus Oaks, U.S.A.

First Appearance: Action Planet Comics #1 (Action Planet Comics, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, other powers unknown

History: Kirk Armstrong's life was pretty idyllic - great jobs and a beautiful (and rich) girlfriend - until he inherited his Uncle Zachariah's mansion, Cobb House, after the eccentric old man vanished mysteriously. Cobb House was the oldest and scariest building in the city, and contained Zachariah's collection of bizarre art and sculpture. Perhaps this is what the intruder was after, the night Kirk disturbed him in the mansion's study. A struggle ensued, and Kirk was stabbed in the heart with a piece from a three thousand year old statue. The wound might have been fatal, if it wasn't for the curse that statue carried, a curse of a thousand monsters and demons, a curse which was passed on to Kirk.

Kirk is now forced to constantly battle for control of his soul against the demonic power which resides in the shard, still lodged within his heart. He travels the globe as Monsterman, searching out demons, monsters, and the strange, the occult and bizarre, all the while looking for a cure for the curse.

Comments: Created by Mike Manley, and originally self-published under the Action Planet label. More recently he has been published by Image Comics.

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