Real Name: Marine Mariner (presumably)

Identity/Class: Human mutant and technology user

Occupation: Adventurer, defender of the seas

Affiliations: Whitey (dolphin), Neptuna (mermaid), Ocean Patrol

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Dr.Mariner (father)

Aliases: Marine Boy (U.S. name), Marine Kid

Base of Operations: Mobile aboard the P-1 submarine

First Appearance: Ganbare! Marine Kid (K Fujita Associates Inc, 1966)

Powers/Abilities: Wears a diving suit with protective qualities. Carries a sonic boomerang. Uses propellor shoes to swim fast. Breathes underwater by chewing "oxygum".

History: Marine was the son of the scientist Dr.Mariner, who worked for the Ocean Patrol which protected the seas of the world. Genetically altered to enhance his ability to swim and survive underwater, Marine travelled the world defending his underwater home.

Comments: Created by Minoru Adachi, who was apparently inspired by Arthur C.Clarke's novel "Deep Range". While in America the show ran as Marine Boy, in Japan, it was actually three series, the latter two sequels to the first - Dolphin Prince (3 pilot episodes in black-and-white), later remade as Ganbare! Marine Kid ("Go For It, Marine Kid", 13 episodes, 1966-67), and finally Kaitei Shonen Marine (Undersea Boy Marine. 1969).

Since even his father only referred to him as "Marine" or "Son", presumably that was his real name; since his father's surname was Mariner, this gave the kid the unenviable name of Marine Mariner...some parents need to be shot.

Thanks to Chris Adams for information and images.

Carycomic notes "I remember watching the U.S. version on Saturday mornings, when I was a kid. In that version, the dolphin's name was Splasher; the mermaid's name was Neptina; and his human friends were Professor Fumbles (chief scientist of the Ocean Patrol), and Piper and Bolton (crewmen of Ocean Patrol craft P-1)."

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