Molo the Mighty

Real Name: Molo

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Zotian)

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: Willy Willy, Jackaroo, Flash Damingo

Enemies: Lord Zot ruler of the Zotian Empire, Feral, O.G.R.E.

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Unknown

Base of Operations: Australia

First Appearance: The Coming of Molo the Mighty (1943)

Powers/Abilities: Great strength. His alien headband gives him the power of flight and the ability to encase himself in a steel-hard skin by altering his molecular structure so that bullets, fire, etc. have no effect on him. He loses these powers if his jeweled headband is removed and whoever possesses it can control him.

History: Molo was an alien, earthbound because of a rocketship crash in Australia's outback. He was befriended by an Aborigine boy named Willy Willy who taught him to speak English.

(Cyclone Australia #3) Molo attacked the Jackaroo while being controlled by the villainess Feral.

(Cyclone Australia #4) Jackaroo learned that Molo and Feral were both Zotians from the planet Zot. Feral planned to use Molo's powerful headband to return to Zot and usurp power from her father. Her plans were stopped when Jackaroo caused her to drop the headband while they were fighting thus losing her control of Molo. Molo, being free from her mind control, quickly killed Feral. The Australian government then took Molo into custody and he has not been seen since.

Comments: Created by Syd Miller.

After many years absence from comics, Molo returned in 1986 in Cyclone Australia #3, and gained a backstory in Cyclone Australia #4.

Thanks to Richard Boucher for supplying images, and Dennis Ray for much additional information and extra images.

Thanks to Dansen T.Stahl who provided the following information, gleaned from an old fan magazine "Rocket Blast Comi-Collector".

"Costume: Full-body suit, sleeveless but extending up to cover all of his head except his face. Belt, widening in front to display a circular emblem or "stone". Armbands just below the shoulder and just above the elbow. Wrist bands. Headband, thin, extending around he with a small circular "stone" over the center of the forehead. Molo the Mighty, by Syd Miller, appeared in various one shot titles during the 1943-45 years. No alter ego. He was from outer space. Costume was all black with red arm and head bands, white jewel, read and yellow belt." The original contributors to the magazine were John Ryan and Howard P. Siegel, wjho also noted his alien origins and listed his powers.


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