Mr. Martian

Real Name: CH'kk KK'xx

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Martian)

Occupation: Adventurer

Affiliations: Round Table of America

Enemies: Glax'xon, Black Corona

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Chuck Cox

Base of Operations: U.S.A.;
formerly Mars

First Appearance: Big Bang #12

Powers/Abilities: Many of his powers rely on advanced technology. He has been seen to fly unaided. He uses a "distorter beam" to change shape to look human (in BB #27, it is said that he disguised himself with his "telepathic ability"). His main weapon is the "multi-ray", a device resembling a gun, but more like "a pocket knife or tool kit". The heat setting is used for welding or starting camp fires and the shrink setting is used for making supplies easy to store and carry. Another useful device, kept on his spaceship, is the "mind machine" which can project the users thought and memories onto a screen. In his normal Martian guise, he is never seen without his clear "bubble" helmet, so presumably, he can not breathe Earth's atmosphere.

History: In the Earth A universe, Mars was inhabited by intelligent, green skinned humanoids. Centuries ago, their civilisation was devastated by an atomic war. The survivors eventually built a thriving new civilisation underground, a scientific paradise. They only ventured to the surface to use the travel tube system, a network that looked liked canals to the people of Earth . . . . .

The Martians panicked when Earth started using atomic weapons in the 1940's. Fearing an imminent attack, the Martian government sent a survey party of three to Earth in a saucer shaped spacecraft, their mission being to gather information in case a pre-emptive strike was needed. The U.S.A.F. shot down the saucer over the town of Roswell in New Mexico (the ship's force shield was not designed to resist such primitive weapons). Two of the Martians died, but the third escaped with only minor injuries. Using a "distorter beam" to alter his appearance, he wandered America undetected or several years, learning the language and customs and discovering to his surprise that the U.S.A. was "a peace loving nation" He eventually turned himself over to the authorities and upon explaining his situation, was taken to meet the President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon.

Introducing himself as CH'kk KK'xx (pronounced "Chuck Cox") he agreed to help out the US government from time to time with Commies, U.F.O.'s etc, in exchange for their help in repairing his spaceship. The ship had been taken to "Hanger 18" of a secret military facility in Ohio for study and this became the base of operations for the friendly alien nicknamed "Mr Martian".

In 1962 Mars attacked: the U.S.A. was targeted by Martian spaceships, using terrible heat ray weapons for which there was no defence. At first, some sort of Communist plot was suspected, as no other country on Earth had been attacked. President John F. Kennedy summoned America's greatest heroes (Ultiman, the Knight Watchman, the Blitz, the Beacon, the Atomic Sub and the Hummingbird, as well as Robo-Hood and Mike Merlin) to an urgent meeting at the White House, where he introduced them to "Chuck Cox", who was disguised as military officer. Suddenly, an ultimatum was received from the Martian fleet.

It seemed that CH'kk KK'xx had been only too happy to leave Mars, to escape the tyranny of a warlike race of Martians called the Glax'xon. They considered him a traitor and were now attacking the U.S.A., demanding his return. CH'kk KK'xx was willing, if it would spare human lives. The heroes were so impressed by his courage, that they refused to let him go. Working together, they defeated the Glax'xon fleet, only to discover that Ch'kk KK'xx's peaceful race had all been wiped out. J.F.K. asked the heroes to remain together as a team, and having no home to go to, Mr Martian became a founding member of The Round Table of America.

Comments: Profile by Chris Adams.

At first glance, Mr Martian seems just a little too similar to J'onn J'onnz, the Martian Manhunter (for example, Alan Moore came up with a female "Vigilante from Venus), in as much as they are both from Mars, have green skin, bald heads and almost identical costumes. (The chest straps are shaped like a "V" instead of an "X" and there are the additions of a helmet, wristbands and raygun holster).

However, this seems quite deliberate, so that some of fictions' other Martians can be referred to as well. His real name is reminiscent of Tars Tarkus, (the friendly Martian in the John Carter stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs) and the Glax'xon are of course based on the "Mars Attacks" series of trading cards issued by Topps, and seen in the subsequent movie.

Mr Martian first appeared in Big Bang #12, when the RTA meets a time traveling Savage Dragon, who lands in 1965 and mistakes him for a invader from 1996. His origin was covered in a text feature in BB #27 and recapped in a story in World Class Comics #1 (August 2002).

He does not seem to be as powerful as the Martian Manhunter, relying more on advanced technology. On a space mission with the RTA in BB #33, he appears to fly unaided, while giving the Knight watchman a lift, but he can not change shape, using a "distorter beam" instead (in BB #27, it is said that he disguised himself with his "telepathic ability"). As the only extra-terrestrial hero on Earth A, his knowledge of outer space is useful, such as when the RTA encounter the notorious space villain, Black Corona.

It is interesting to note that while most of DC's Silver Age heroes (including the Martian Manhunter) where happy to work with the US government, most would not work for the government, keeping their true identities a secret. Mr Martian's status seems more likely to have been the norm in a 1960's comic. As Superman said when he told JFK he was really Clark Kent, "If you can't trust the President of the USA, who can you trust?".

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