Real Name: Myrddin Auerelius Ambrosius





Known Relatives:

Aliases: Wally Ut

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Mage

Powers/Abilities: Mirth's powers are virtually limitless; during the series he exhibits the ability to heal, fly, teleport multiple people, go desolid, fire energy blasts, create illusions, take over minds and telekinesis.

One of Mirth's more useful powers is his mystical sight. This sight warns him of dangerous events as they happen, both to him and people near him (as well as people that he should protect). The only problem is that 'the Sight' can be very painful when it hits, more than once doubling Mirth (and Sean Knight) over in pain.

He can naturally travel to the Faerie Lands, a group of related dimensions from which the Evil Umbra Sprite conjures forth all his monsters. Parts of the Faerie Lands also parallel our own dimensions, allowing, at one point, Mirth to lead Kevin out of the police station with only Sean Knight (the Ghost) noticing.

History: Mirth is the World Mage, and the source of all the magic that flows through this world. Like Kevin Matchstick, he has lived many lives, forever being reborn in the conflict of Good vs. Evil. Unlike Kevin, each time he is reborn, Mirth remembers his previous identities. At one time, he was Merlin to Kevin's Arthur.

Comments: Created by Matt Wagner.

Mirth is missing his legs. His leg wrappings allow him to walk and move normally (via a powerful spell), but if they are disrupted or damaged, he loses his ability to walk.


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