Mai the Psychic Girl

Real Name: Mai Kuju (personal name, surname)

Identity/Class: Human with psychic powers.

Occupation: Schoolgirl

Affiliations: Yumiko Sugimoto, Rie Ikenami (school friends)

Enemies: Wisdom Alliance (global conspiracy that claims to have influenced human history and recruits psychic agents)

Known Relatives: Shuichi Kuju (father); Maki Kuju (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Japan

First Appearance: Mai (Shôgakukan, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Mai has telekinesis that is powerful enough that she can fly or hurl powerful telekinetic blasts.

History: Mai Kuju was a fourteen year old Japanese school girl with a secret; she had inherited psychic powers, passed down through generations of her family, that allowed her to move things with her mind. Though traditionally her family had used the powers to protect their country, to Mai the powers were simply a source of least until the evil Wisdom Alliance took notice of her. The Alliance were an organisation who manipulated the world from behind the scenes, and they saw Mai as a potential resource, or a threat if not controlled. Targetted by this malevolent agency, Mai and her father were forced to go on the run.

Comments: Created by Kazuya Kudo and Ryoichi Ikegami.

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