Real Name: Lord Majestros of Khera

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Kherubim)

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: former member of WildC.A.T.S., former member of Team One, on good terms with Lois Lane

Enemies: Defile, Daemonites, Eradicator, Team Superman

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Mr.Majestic, Jim McArest

Base of Operations: secret fortress hidden within Mount Rushmore, Wildstorm Universe;
briefly Metropolis, DC Universe

First Appearance: WildCATS #11 (Image)

Powers/Abilities: Majestic can fly, has superhuman strength and is virtually invulnerable. His senses are far more acute than a humans, and he possesses a highly analytical mind. Like all Kherubim he is virtually immortal.

History: Like the other Kherubim on Earth, Majestros arrived on the planet when the Explorer ship he was travelling on crash-landed thousands of years ago, following an orbital battle with a Daemonite vessel (which was also brought down). The Kherubim mostly integrated themselves among the similar-looking humans, and for the next several centuries, they fought a secret war against the surviving Daemonites, who plotted to conquer their new world.

Majestros, one of the most powerful of Earth's Kherubim, viewed humanity with a touch of lordly disdain - it was his duty to protect them, and he didn't dislike them, but they were primitives, and he didn't see the need to socialise or get close to them. Believing himself to be superior (and rightly so, in many physical respects at least), he set himself equally high standards, living his life by a strict warrior code; however at some point something happened to make him feel he had failed to live up to this, and Majestros placed himself in a self-induced exile, living a solitary existence in the Arctic.

In modern times, he was tracked down by Savant, who was looking to recruit a new team of WildC.A.T.S. since the originals were believed to have died. Majestros decided it was time to re-enter the world, and as Mr.Majestic, he helped her gather her new team. Even so, he still felt estranged from his human team-mates, feeling close only to Savant, his fellow Kherubim...until she formed a relationship with the human Tao.

More recently a time-storm served to rip Mr.Majestic from his own Earth, and dumped him in another, parallel world. He ironically found that he closely resembled that world's greatest superhuman (also an alien, though not Kherubim), a being called Superman, something that caused a degree of confusion. Superman himself had also been sucked into the time-storm, and was missing. Though Mr.Majestic (now often getting called just Majestic) proved his heroic nature by saving several lives, his brusk manner helped place him at odds with several of the local heroes - not that he cared. Majestic realised that the plans of "Team Superman" (heroes with connections to Superman - Eradicator, Steel, John Henry Irons and Superboy) to detonate a "hyperbomb" to end the storm would instead worsen the effects, and had to forcibly prove himself right. After defeating the group in combat, he let the time-storm carry through until it dissipated - leaving the Earth undamaged and back the way it was before the storm hit.

Although Superman was returned to his own universe, Majestic remained stranded in a world not his own. He tried to construct a device to return himself home, but encountered difficulties, both from some of the locals and from what appears to be Daemonite forces operating within this new reality. He eventually returned to his own dimension, only to find that all human and animal life had been abducted from the planet by an insanely huge ship of unknown origin

Comments: Originally a Superman "homage" (or rip-off, if you prefer), the break up of Image took him to the Wildstorm universe, and the subsequent purchase of Wildstorm by DC has ironically allowed Majestic to meet the very hero who inspired him.


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