Real Name: Merlyn (maybe)

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional magic/advanced science user

Occupation: (former) advisor, prophet, and wizard to King Arthur, court magician; (more recently) guardian of the Multiverse, manipulator of events on a grand scale.

Affiliations: Founder of the Corps; ally of Arthur (defender of the Dragon), Bedevere, the Black Knight (Sir Percy), Black Knight (Dane Whitman), the Doctor, Feron (original), Professor Justin Alphonse Gamble, Gargantua, Guinevere, Higher Evolutionaries, Interloper, Jackdaw, Knights of the Round Table, Moondog, Morvane, King Arthur Pendragon, Lady of the Lake (Niamh), Proud Walkers, Rassilon, Sersi, Sir Ector, the elves of Otherworld; leader of the forces of Otherworld; advisor to Kings Aurelius, Uther Pendragon and Vortigern; father and mentor of Roma; manipulator of Captain Britain, Captain UK (and the rest of the Corps), Excalibur, Reaver; former mentor and lover of Nimue/Vivienne; former mentor of Morgan le Fay

Enemies: Asmodiar, Beliar, Catavolcus, Dragon of the Moon, the Evil Walkers, the Fury, Galgoth, Gog, Mad Jim Jaspers of Earth-238, Mad Jim Jaspers of Earth-616, Maegog, Mandrac, Melanicus, Merlin Demonspawn, Modred the Mystic, Mordred the Evil, Morgan le Fay, Necrom, Necromon, Nimue/Vivienne, Nykonn, Tyrannus

Known Relatives: Roma (daughter)

Aliases: first born of the Devil, the Magus, Merlin, Merlyn, Myraddin, Myrd, Myrr, Myrrdin, sovereign of the innumerable spheres

Base of Operations: (former) Camelot, (more recently) Otherworld

First Appearance: Captain Britain Weekly

Powers/Abilities: Merlyn is the sorcerer supreme of Otherworld. He has telepathic, telekinetic, energy manipulation, matter manipulation, illusion casting, and other powers based on the control of magic.

History: Merlyn was a pupil of Otherworld's sorcerer supreme, Necrom. When Necrom devised the dimensional nexus as a power source, Merlyn realized its potential and began a scheme that would take thousands of years to complete. In the end Merlyn's plans were stopped by three mutants, one earth elemental, and one citizen of Otherworld, the group Excalibur.



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