Real Name: Brando Cortes

Identity/Class: Half man, half beast (source of power unknown)

Occupation: Adventurer, taxi driver

Affiliations: Biotrog, Kickay, Kulto, Tech Force 2000 (Kickero, Black Jack)

Enemies: Circe, Digitoy, Disastro, Electa, Jurax, Voltar, Warlord

Known Relatives: Katong and Kane (nephews)

Aliases: Bronco

Base of Operations: (Misteryo, Tech Force 2000) Mobile, usually the Philippines

(Quantum Zone) The Planet Oris

First Appearance: Kick Fighter Komiks #1 (1993)

Powers/Abilities: Brando had the ability to transform at will into the green hulking man-monster Bronco (sometimes extreme anger also triggered the transformation). In both human and monster forms, he possessed such abilities as super strength, super speed, flight, invulnerability, invisibility, psycho-kinesis, telepathy, fire breathing, and various energy-based powers.

History: Unknown

Comments: Created by Jet C.Orbida and Lando Inolino.

"Misteryo" means "mystery," and the big mystery about this character was that, for most of his career, he rarely went by that name. Misteryo was the title of the series he originally starred in, but in the actual stories themselves, he was known as Bronco. It wasn't until he started appearing in the series Quantum Zone starting with Kick Fighter II #118 that he was finally referred to by the name Misteryo. But when he joined the cast of Tech Force 2000 with Kick Fighter III #4, he was back to being called Bronco again.

The image on this page is from Reno Maniquis' excellent Capsule Zone site, and is his (gorgeous) interpretation of this character. Image used with his permission.

Thanks to Aris Panganiban for almost all the information about this character.

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