Real Name: Steve Dickart

Identity/Class: Human magician

Occupation: Stage illusionist and criminal

Affiliations: Padma (instructor in magic); Hualpai Indians (allies)

Enemies: Tex Willer

Known Relatives: Lily Dickart (sister); Blacky Dickart (son, a.k.a. Yama)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Texas

First Appearance: Tex

Powers/Abilities: Formerly an illusionist and passable hypnotist, Mefisto became a full blown magician after training under Padma.

History: Steve Dickart was an illusionist in the old west, using his activities on stage to cover a gun-running operation he and his sister Lily were heading. Unfortunately the fell foul of Texas Ranger Tex Willer, who brought their criminal activities to an abrupt end, although both of the criminals escaped. Steve went off and made the acquaintance of a Tibetan monk Padma, who taught him many mysteries. When next Tex Willer encountered him, the Ranger was no longer facing an amatuer hypnotist called Dickart - now his foe was Mefisto, master of genuine magic. Mefisto was obsessed with gaining revenge on Willer, kidnapping the man's son, allying himself with his other enemies, and generally being a persistant pain in the neck. Eventually though he came to a sticky end, dying within the ruins of a castle.

However the legacy of Mefisto was not over. Before he died he past his powers on to his son Blacky, who took up his parent's mission of vengeance under the name Yama. Luckily for the lawman, Yama was nowhere near as dangerous as his padre.

Less fortunate was that Lily Dickart had not gone forever either. Hiding out in Europe, she made the acquaintance of an Indian magician capable of contacting the dead. With his aid and her insistance, Mefisto was brought back to life to threaten Tex Willer again.

Comments: Thanks to Allessandro Masoni for informing me of this character.

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