Duncan MacLeod

Real Name: Duncan MacLeod

Identity/Class: Immortal human

Occupation: (formerly) Soldier; newspaper editor, ambulance driver (World War One); resistance fighter (World War Two); bodyguard; antiques dealer

Affiliations: Connor MacLeod (mentor, deceased); Methos; Amanda; Graham Ashe; Richie Ryan; Cassandra; Carl Robinson; Hugh Fitzcairn; Darius; Grace Chandel; Tessa Noel; Rebecca Horne; Brian Cullen; Charlie deSalvo; May-Ling Shen; Marcus Constantine; Ceirdwyn; Georges Dalou; Kit O'Brady; Coltec; Sean Burns; Benny Carbassa; Kate MacLeod

Enemies: Kalas; Kronos; Silas; Caspian; Ahriman; Xavier St.Cloud; James Horton; Kenny; Kanwolf; Liam O'Rourke; Kern; Grayson; Jacob Kell; Cracker Bob

Known Relatives: Kate MacLeod (wife, a.k.a. Catherine Mary Devaney); Connor MacLeod ("same clan, different vintage")

Aliases: Highlander, Mac

Base of Operations: mainly Seacouver, U.S.A. and Paris, France

First Appearance: Highlander: The Series #1.1 "The Gathering" (Syndicated, 3rd October 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Duncan is an immortal, capable of healing virtually any wound (except those to the throat) in minutes. Even if a wound is instantly fatal, he will come back to life a short while later. The only way to permanently end his life is to decapitate him. This leads to Immortals having massive sword (and axe) fights with one another. Certain rules have evolved over the millennia: the fights must only be between two Immortals - third parties cannot interfere once battle is joined; and no Immortal can fight on Holy Ground. Like other Immortals, he doesn't age.

Duncan can also sense the presence of other immortals, although he only gets a vague sense of their proximity, not where or who they are. When he kills other immortals through decapitation, he receives their life essence in the form of a "Quickening", a sort of electrical light show. Centuries of practice have made him an incredibly adept swordsman.

History: "He is Duncan MacLeod. . . the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive; he is Immortal.

For 400 years, he's been a warrior. . . a lover. . . a wanderer. . . constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head-- and with it, his power."

Duncan MacLeod grew up in Scotland in the late 16th and early 17th century, but was fatally wounded in 1622. Although he died, his story did not end there. He awoke from death a few hours later, his wounds completely healed. Unfortunately his family believed this was a sign of black magic, and he was driven from his home. For the next few years he was a wanderer, living off the land, until he encountered another like him - Connor MacLeod, whom clan legend had said rose from the dead in the time of Duncan's grandparents. Connor was no legend though, and taught his clansman all about the life of an Immortal, and the rules and dangers that went with it. Now Duncan has lived several lives and several lifetimes, loved and lost many women, made many friends and watched most of them die, sometimes at his own hands. He remains probably the most noble and honourable of all the Immortals.

Comments: Created by Gregory Widen. Played by Adrian Paul.

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