Real Name: Mike Ross

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Harvard entomologist; crime fighter

Affiliations: Crabb, Saltarella

Enemies: Svizz, Super-Termitor, Psi (Raoul de Roquemaure, Count of Monsegur), Cagliostro, le Gondolier Noir, Microbios, l'Exécuteur, le Vaudou

Known Relatives: Epsilon (son)

Aliases: Mykros (German spelling of name), Titan Microcosmique (Microcosmic Titan)

Base of Operations: France and Venice, Italy;

previously New York

First Appearance: Mustang #54 (June 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Able to shrink, able to fly, superhumanly strong.

History: Harvard entomologists Mike Ross, Priscilla Conway (also an Olympic gymnast) and Bobby Crabb (also an Olympic boxer), were unwillingly mutated into insect-sized humanoids by the alien insectoid race called the Svizz. The Svizz planned to use armies of insect-sized slaves to conquer Earth, but Mikros and his friends defeated their plans and overthrew their ruler, Super-Termitor. Later in the series, the heroic trio was forced to move to France, where they encountered their arch-eneny, Raoul de Roquemaure, Count of Monsegur, a.k.a. Psi, who turned Saltarella into his queen.

Comments: Created by Jean-Yves Mitton and Marcel Navarro under pseudonyms (John Milton and Malcolm Naughton). Mitton continued on alone with the character's Mikros's son Epsilon had his own adventures in Titans after Mikros's end. The characters intially appeared in Mustang Magazine:

  1. Mikros, Titan Microcosmique [Mikros, Microcosmic Titan] (MU 54-55, 1980)

  2. Quelque part une Étoile… [Somewhere A Star…] (MU 56, 1980)

  3. Rush sur la Ruche [Rush To The Hive] (MU 57, 1980)

  4. Eternel Retour [Eternal Return] (MU 58, 1980)

  5. Super-Termitor (MU 59, 1980)

  6. Le Grand Fleau [The Great Plague] (MU 60, 1980)

  7. Le Conte d’Hoffmann [Hoffmann’s Tale] (MU 61, 1981)

  8. Terrific! (MU 62, 1981)

  9. Alerte Rouge! [Red Alert!] (MU 63, 1981)

  10. CIA, KGB and Co. (MU 64, 1981)

  11. Métamorphoses [Metamorphoses] (MU 65, 1981)

  12. Le Vaudou! [The Voodoo!] (MU 66, 1981)

  13. Le Vaudou est toujours debout [The Voodoo Still Stands] (MU 67, 1981)

  14. La Bête de Nulle Part [The Beast From Nowhere] (MU 68, 1981)

  15. Illitha Joue et Gagne [Illitha Plays And Wins] (MU 69, 1981)

  16. Crabb Écartelé [Crabb Pulled Apart] (MU 70, 1981)

Mike RossAfter "Mustang"'s cancellation in 1981, the series was continued in "Titans", which also published French versions of "Star Wars", "Dazzler", "Iron Fist", "New Mutants", etc. At Mitton’s behest, the series, which had originally taken place in the United States, moved to Southern Europe, in particular Venice ("Titans" ep. 1) and France ("Titans" ep. 7). Mitton also introduced the heroes’ arch-nemesis, a power-mad mentalist named Psi.

  1. Voir Venise et Mourir [To See Venice And Die] (TI 35, 1982)

  2. Voir Venise et Mourir: Cagliostro le Demoniaque [To See Venice And Die: Cagliostro The Devilish] (TI 36, 1982)

  3. Voir Venise et Mourir 2: Duel sans Merci [To See Venice And Die 2: Merciless Duel] (TI 37, 1982)

  4. Voir Venise et Mourir 3: Mariage a la Venitienne [To See Venice And Die 3: Venetian Wedding] (TI 38, 1982)

  5. Voir Venise et Mourir 4: Cauchemar [To See Venice And Die 4: Nightmare] (TI 39, 1982)

  6. Voir Venise et Mourir 5: Dernier Round [To See Venice And Die 5: Last Round](TI 40, 1982)

  7. Microbios 1: L'Anti-Mikros [Microbios 1: The Anti-Mikros] (TI 41, 1982)

  8. Microbios 2: Terreur sur la 5eme Avenue [Microbios 2: Terror On Fifth Avenue] (TI 42, 1982)

  9. Microbios 3: Voyage au Bout de la Peur [Microbios 3: Voyage To The End Of Fear] (TI 43, 1982)

  10. Descente aux Enfers 1-3 [Descent Into Hell 1-3] (TI 44-46, 1982)

  11. Peste Noire 1-3 [Black Plague 1-3] (TI 47-49, 1983)

  12. Adieux du Troisième Type 1-3 [Good-Byes Of The Third Kind 1-3] (TI 50-52, 1983)

  13. Pour que Règne le Mal [Let Evil Reign] (TI 53, 1983)

  14. Psi 1: Contact Psi [Psi 1: Psi Contact] (TI 54, 1983)

  15. Psi 2: Entre Dieu et Satan [Psi 2: Between God And Satan] (TI 55, 1983)

  16. Psi 3: Duel sur Paris [Psi 3: Duel Over Paris] (TI 56, 1983)

  17. Psi, ou La Beauté du Diable 1-2 [Psi, or The Devil's Beauty 1-2] (TI 57-58, 1983)

  18. Le Beau, La Belle... et les Bites 1-3 [Handsome, Beauty... And Bytes 1] (TI 59-61, 1984)

  19. Destination Néant 1-3 [Destination Void 1] (TI 62-64, 1984)

  20. Psiland 1-4 (TI 65-68, 1984)

  21. Piège pour un Insect 1-3 [Insect Trap 1-3] (TI 69-71, 1984)

  22. Punch 1-3 (TI 72-74, 1985)

  23. Outre-Monde 1: La Porte de l'Enfer [The World Beyond 1: The Gate Of Hell] (TI 75, 1985)

  24. Outre-Monde 2: Sans Issue [The World Beyond 2: No Exit] (TI 76, 1985)

  25. Outre-Monde 3: Le Cercle Infernal [The World Beyond 3: The Hellish Circle] (TI 77, 1985)

  26. Outre-Monde 4: Opération Cerveau [The World Beyond 4: Operation Brain] (TI 78, 1985)

  27. Le Mur de la Lumière 1-3 [The Light Barrier 1-3] (TI 79-81, 1985)

  28. Passeport pour l'Infini 1-6 [Passport For Infinity 1-6] (TI 82-87, 1986)

Mitton eventually gave a sequel to the saga of Mikros in Epsilon (a.k.a. Moi, Epsilon, 15 Ans, Fils du Néant) [I, Epsilon, 15-Years Old, Son Of No One], which also featured the return of the nefarious Psi.

Mikros was recently reprinted Editions Sang d'Encre. Two volumes have been published so far.

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