Mahabali Shaka

Real Name: Mahabali Shaka

Identity/Class: Human, at height of physical prowess

Occupation: Jungle lord

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: Anyone evil

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: The Kosima Wilds

First Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: The "might of the elephant and courage of the lion". Whether this actually means superhuman strength is unknown, but he'll certainly have the 'jungle lord package' of agility, strength, stamina and wilderness survival skills I'd warrant.

History: Mahabali Shaka is the jungle lord of the Kosima Wilds. An "invincible man", he is as well loved as a god by the primitive tribes in the area. He battles poachers and slavers who enter his realm, protecting those who live there.

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