Mr. Monster

Real Name: Dr Strongfort Stearn

Identity/Class: "Normal" human

Occupation: Monster hunter; horror host

Affiliations: Kelly (his assistant/secretary); Mary Monster

Enemies: any monsters

Known Relatives: Jim Stearne (father, Mr. Monster, deceased), Mr. Monster (his ancestors, all called this)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Active worldwide

First Appearance: Triumph Comics #31 (Bell Features)

Powers/Abilities: Mr.Monster is an expert fighter, and has learned to make any object a weapon.

History: The title of Mr.Monster has been handed down from father to son through generations of the Stearn family line. Now, in the modern day, the mantle of World's Greatest Monster Fighter has fallen to Dr.Strongfort Stearn, top authority on the occult. Mr.Monster battles whatever fiends he can find armed only with a dark sense of humour...and the biggest guns he can carry.

Mr. Monster is the worlds greatest monster fighter. He is armed with a tongue in cheek dark sense of humor, and whatever weapons he can lay his hands on.. In reality he is Dr. Strongfort Stearn, the world's expert in the occult. But when it's time to go out and physically fight monsters, he puts on a costume with a big fin, red goggles, becoming Mr Monster, and just goes out and kills them anyway he can!

Mr Monster is a title passed down the Stearn family line from father to son for thousands of years.

Kelly, Mr Monster's assistantComments: Originally a Canadian character from the 1940's with only a handful of appearances to his name, Michael T. Gilbert came across him in the 1970's, and in 1984 revived the concept. Since his return, Mr Monster has appeared in books published by Dark Horse, Eclipse, and Tundra. Thanks to Mike Murphy for clarifying many of the details of Stearn's origin. Other details come from John Bell's excellent Canuck Comics.

Kelly is Mr. Monster's sharp, sexy gal Friday. She works up his monster-killing schedule, orders his weapons and so on.

Mr. Monster is one of the participants in War of the Independents.

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