Gekko Kamen

Real Name: Iguai

Identity/Class: Normal human, highly skilled.

Occupation: Detective

Affiliations: Inspector Matsuda

Enemies: Great Claw of Satan, Dr.Dogma, Dragon's Tooth

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Moonlight Mask (English translation of name), Agent of Justice, Capitán Centella (Captain Lightning, his Mexican name)

Base of Operations: Japan

First Appearance: Series in Shonen Club magazine.

Powers/Abilities: Gekko Kamen is a normal, but highly skilled human. He is a skilled motorcycle rider. He is a good fighter, expert in unarmed combat, or in fighting using whips, guns, shuriken, and "moonlight boomerang stars".

History: Gekko Kamen is a mysterious masked vigilante, who rides into battle against his foes on a motorbike.

Comments: Created by Kawauchi Kohan and Kuwata Jiro.

The first masked tokusatsu hero, he transferred from the manga to the television in 1958, in the series Gekko Kamen, where he was played by Osei Koichi. He was subsequently turned into an anime series in 1972. In the live action show, his true identity was kept a mystery, but the cartoon revealed him to be Iguai, a private detective. 

Roberto Etcheverry informs me "The Mexican (and Latin American at large) name was "Capitán Centella". Capitán means captain (obviously) and Centella can be translated into either a flash of light, or lightning. Great Claw of Satan was his enemy in the first season of the anime; in the second season it was Dr. Dogma, who wanted to control a giant gorilla named (how original) King Kong (in spanish it was Rey Kong, but I assume in english it was King Kong since Rey = King), and on the third season the villain was called "Dragon's Tooth" (translated literally from the spanish "Colmillo de Dragón", can't confirm for real that was his English name)."

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