Magic Patrol

Membership: Jacques Lambert, Patrick Cameron, Antonietta Fernandez, Chris Tower, Ian Rogers, Aldous Morrigan, Max Brody,

Purpose: To battle paranormal threats to humanity

Affiliations: Martin Mystére (ally); Elsewhere (parent organisation)

Enemies: The Men in Black, Dr Hopkins, Sheila Norton, Jack Lucas

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Zona X  #10 (10th May 1995)

History: The Lambda Operative Group, derogatively nicknamed "the Magic Patrol", is a team composed of people endowed with paranormal powers who work for Elsewhere, a futuristic and secret government base dealing with paranormal phenomena. They battle bizarre threats wherever they arise, although their main foes remain their counterparts in the Men in Black organisation.

Comments: Created by Alfredo Castelli, a spin-off from Martin Mystére.

The Magic Patrol's parent group, Elsewhere, was founded in 1776 by Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, after a dangerous supernatural threat broke out in the newly independent United States. Among their more famous historical members has been Edgar Allan Poe and Phineus Barnum. They are opposed by The Men in Black, a sect founded by surviving Atlanteans after the destruction of their continent.

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