Real Name: Melkart

Identity/Class: Deity

Occupation: God of health, prosperity and well-being

Affiliations: Iberia Inc

Enemies: None known

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: King of the City; Herakles; Hercules; Melqart, Milkert, Milqart; Mi-il-qar-tu; Melkarthos

Base of Operations: Spain

First Appearance: Iberia Inc. #1 (Four issue mini-series from Planeta's Laberinto imprint, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Great strength. Other abilities unknown.

History: Melkart was a Phoenician god, originally the chief god of Tyre, whose worship spread through Carthage and throughout the Mediterranean. The Greeks even identified him with Herakles, causing some confusion on that front. Four thousand years ago he was cursed by his friend Odiseus and Odiseus' lover to a prolonged period of sleep, which he woke from very recently. Although his sceptre had stored all the knowledge of the last four thousand years, he was extremely out of his depth with the modern world to start with, and was swiftly recruited into Iberia Inc.

Comments: Created by Rafael Marín and Carlos Pacheco.

Thanks to Jose Ramon Vidal of the Yahoo International Comics Club who first alerted me to the existence of this character, and who provided most of the information used in this profile (plus the image at the bottom of the page).

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