Real Name: Aldo Alva Sodi

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: School pupil, butcher's assistant

Affiliations: Katzandra (mentor); May (best friend); Eva (love interest); Lucy (later love interest)

Enemies: Morder (a.k.a. Möldel); Tatema; Double M; Boots (satirical take on the Mexican president); Schwarzeneger (satirical take on the U.S. president)

Known Relatives: Nandito (brother), unnamed mother, unnamed father

Aliases: El pelos azules (the Blue Hair - newspapers' name for him)

Base of Operations: Mexico City

First Appearance: Meteorix 5.9 #1 (Toukan)

Powers/Abilities: When Aldo activates his powers he gains muscles and his hair goes blue. He has superhuman strength and can throw bolts of blue lightning while in this state. When he gets really riled, the compound he swallows activates, covering him with blue armour.

History: After a meteor is detected seemingly heading towards Earth, and expected to strike Mexico City, a number of governments attempt to destroy the planet killer by firing nukes at it, little realising that it is actually composed of an alien compound created by extra-terrestrials. The nukes shattered the space-born missile, blowing it in tiny pieces, most of which burn up harmlessly as they enter the atmosphere. However some land intact, giving off radiation that mutate local fauna, transforming them into humanoid form.

Aldo, a typical fourteen year old boy, followed the girl of his dreams, Eva, to the park. She of course, ignored him, considering him a freak who always flunked his classes. Thus it transpired that Aldo was present when a fragment of meteor crashed into a tree and brought it to life. The foliage, angry at the abuse it had suffered from kids carving their names into it's trunk, grabbed Eva. Aldo, attempting to save her, accidentally swallowed a second piece of rock which crashed to Earth, granting him incredible powers. Calling himself Meteorix, he became Mexico's newest superhero.

Meteorix with fully manifested armourComments: Gerardo V. Hernandez has sent me the following detailed information about the character:

Aldo is still a high school student (attending the equivalent of 8th grade for the Americans in the audience). In the picture above the character on the right in the cat-like armour is Katzandra, Meteorix' teacher. A tiger woman able to take on human form (except for her ears, which she covers with a hat), she works for the Akdemia (sounds like academy in Spanish).

The girl watching the monitor is called Eva. She is in love with Meteorix, but doesn't know his real identity. Aldo in turn starts by being in love with Eva, but later falls for Lucy, a cute but nerdy girl. Aldo's best friend May is also secretly in love with Lucy.

Shown on the monitor are Morder, a German General who works for the Absterkkommand, and his assistant Tatema, a wacky Japanese evil scientist. The androgynous white villain on the left is Double M.

The reason Aldo is more powerful than other mutant monsters is because he has a mix of bloods of his family. His family descends from a lot of other races, and more recently from Aztec blood, but his blood mix of cultures is what makes him the super warrior. The alien compound the meteor was made from is called Nap, from Napnotecnology.

He also sent me the origin and full name of the character. Many thanks for all of this.

Mario Garza adds "Double M (or MM) is so-called because his full name is Margarito Menchaca; he hates that name, which is why he calls himself Double M. He is a alien with white skin, but can change his body into a hot women. Also he (or she) is in love with General Morder (the one pictured in the TV). Morder is in love with Double M but doesn't want people knowing he is jotito (gay).

The Meteor was really a starship and the piece that Aldo swallowed was an armour "Nano Armadura Procesadora de Poder" (N.A.P.P., in English Nano-Power Processor Armour)."

Thanks also to Martha Violante for additional information.

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