Real Name: Merza

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Vigilante for hire

Affiliations: Bamba, Junji, Toy, Takeshita

Enemies: Nemesis, Ortega, Takeshita

Known Relatives: Unnamed family members (deceased)

Aliases: Lady Mercenary

Base of Operations: Philippines

First Appearance: Ninja Komiks #205 (1989)

Powers/Abilities: Merza received extensive training in different forms of armed and unarmed combat, such as the martial arts and the use of high-caliber firearms. Her mode of transportation was a high-tech motorcycle equipped with various advanced weaponry.

History: When three friends, Merza, Bamba, and Brenda, thwarted an assassination attempt on Japanese millionaire Takeshita, the crime syndicate behind it marked them for death. The subsequent hit on the women claimed the life of one of them, Brenda. Merza and Bamba survived, vowing revenge. To this end, they approached the very man whose life they saved, Takeshita, who then agreed to train them in armed combat and the martial arts.

Later, Merza and Bamba's families were brutally massacred, thus further stoking the fires of vengeance burning within the two women. Takeshita set them up as costumed vigilantes and, as an added incentive, offered to pay them twenty thousand pesos for every syndicate member they take down and half a million each for the lives of syndicate heads Nemesis and Ortega.

But Takeshita wasn't the altruistic philanthropist that he seemed. He merely saw Merza and Bamba as expendable pawns in his feud with Nemesis and, in truth it was Takeshita himself who was responsible for the murder of the two warrior women's relatives!

Comments: Created by Bobby V. Villagracia and Boy Baarde.

The image on this page is from Reno Maniquis' excellent Capsule Zone site, and is his (gorgeous) interpretation of this character. Image used with his permission.

Profile by Aris Panganiban.


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