Quentin MacLeod

Real Name: Quentin MacLeod

Identity/Class: Immortal human

Occupation: Freedom fighter

Affiliations: Ramirez

Enemies: Kortan, Arak

Known Relatives: Klyde (sister/ adopted sister / foster sister? - see comments), unnamed mother (adopted mother? - see comments, deceased)

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Nomad, traveling across the continent with Ramirez and Klyde (and Gaul), visiting other immortals and the occassional exceptional mortals.

First Appearance: Highlander: The Animated Series

Powers/Abilities: Throws a bomerang as a personal weapon, something Ramirez doesn't or can't do. Is immortal, like other immortals can breathe underwater, and swiftly heals any wound that does not decapitate him. In the movie, Quentin is depicted as a match for Kortan in sword play, even when blinded, but as the story goes, it is shown that he has a long way to go before "confronting" him. Has gained knowledge given to him by a number of immortals, but has yet to do anything with it.

History: Born about 700 years after "The Great Catastrophe" (an asteroid hitting the earth, setting off nuclear weapons left and right), Quentin was killed when Kortan's hunters attacked the Dundee Clan, attempting to enslave them. Quentin returned to life, and honoured his mother's last requests: follow the stranger (Ramirez), rescue the Dundee's from Kortan, and take care of his little sister. The sidekick animal "Gaul" was not in the instructions, but tagged along nonetheless as Klyde's pet.

Comments: Thanks to "Brutsch" for some excellent information about this character, including a note re: relatives - "Quentin's sister (half-sister? foster sister?) is Klyde, who is about 6 years old. Quentin's mother admitted in the television episode (though it was edited out in the "movie" that she "loved him as though he were (her) own", hinting that he was adopted, and informing him in both the television and the movie that he was the last of the MacLeods. Then she told him to take care of his little sister. Also, Ramirez told the very young Quentin "I'll be back; if not for you, then for another." Quentin is considered a member of the Dundee Clan, though his mother informed him that he is no Dundee."

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