Real Name: Unknown (Morlock is a codename given to him by the totalitarian government of 2001)

Identity/Class: Mutant plant (looks like a humanoid)

Occupation: former Government Assassin; Political Fugitive

Affiliations: The Midnight Men

Enemies: The ruling government

Known Relatives: created by Professor Kroschell (so his "father" in a sense)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Earth, c.2001

First Appearance: Morlock 2001 #1 (Atlas Comics, February 1975)

Powers/Abilities: Can cover a victim in deadly green fungus with a single touch. Able to transform into a monstrous plant being when angry, able to absorb people into himself for digestion in this form.

History: After the Thought Police murder Dr Kroschell, they discover two huge pods which they take back to a state laboratory for observation. One of the pods eventually opens and inside is a fully grown man. Shortly after, Morlock (as he was dubbed by one of the State scientists) touches a scientist and the man quickly becomes engulfed in a green fungus. The state decides that Morlock would make an ideal assassin to "remove undesirables." Eventually Morlock starts questioning why this is done and explains that he no longer cares for the work. After being betrayed, Morlock experiences anger for the first time and transforms into a mindlessly violent plant creature who's embrace absorbs his victims leaving only a "blackish slime" remaining.

Comments: Issue#1 and 2 were written by Mike Fleisher; Pencils by Al Milgrom; inks by Jack Abel. Issue #3 was written by Gary Friedrich; Pencils by Steve Ditko; Inks by Bernie Wrightson.

Profile by Grant Forsythe.

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