Steven Matrix

Real Name: Steven Matrix

Identity/Class: Undead human

Occupation: former Hitman;

now would-be agent of redemption

Affiliations: The "taxmen" (agents of Heaven who give him his assignments), Liz Teel (co-owner of the gym he is a partner in), Billy Hicks

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Canada

First Appearance: Matrix (1993, USA Network)

Powers/Abilities: In life he was skilled with most weapons, and a deadly assassin. I'm not sure what abilities he may have gained from dying.

History: Steven Matrix was a top hitman, one of the best in the world...until one day a woman in a bar got the drop on him, and shot him dead. He awoke on the shore of a burning sea, where he was met by a man who sent him back to Earth and to life. Recovering in hospital, Matrix was visited by the same man, who informed him he had been given another chance, but now had to prove himself worthy of this extra life - until he did so, he would be suspended between Heaven and Hell, with his final fate in the balance. Given his experiences, Matrix decided to retire from the murder trade. But when he was out on a date, he walked through a door and found himself transported to "the City-In-Between", where he was given his first assignment. He had to stop Tony Lucano, the son of a local mobster, from becoming a hitman, and thus ending up on the same road to damnation Steve had been on.

Matrix decided to retire and expand his silent partnership in a gym with Liz Teel and during a date walks through a door...and found himself in the City In-Between where a roller-skating teenage girl acted as his first guide for his current assignment to keep people from ending up where he was. Matrix had to help mobster Chris Lucano's son Tony, who wanted to become a hitman. He got his former helper and family man Billy Hicks to help him.

After succeeding with his first case, Matrix accepted his new role, and continued to help others find redemption.

Comments: Created by Grenville Case, played by Nick Mancuso. The show lasted 13 episodes. The part of Liz Teel was played by Carrie Ann Moss, later to become more famous for another Matrix.

Thanks to Vesa Lehtinen for informing me of this character.

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