The Man from Atlantis

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Member of a human sub-species (Atlantean)

Occupation: Agent for the Foundation For Oceanic Research

Affiliations: Dr. Elizabeth Merrill (played by Belinda Montgomery)

Enemies: Mr.Schubert (played by Victor Buono); Dr Mary Smith (played by Darleen Carr); Billy Jones (Mark's evil, gunslinging doppelganger in the Old West); Moby (an evil imp, played by Pat Morita)

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Mark Harris

Base of Operations: The submarine Cetacean.

First Appearance: The Man from Atlantis (NBC, 4th March 1977)

Powers/Abilities: Amphibious. Mark has webbed hands and feet, and can breathe underwater. He can swim at incredible speeds, and handle immense pressures, such as those in the depths of the oceans. He is superhumanly strong. However he must immerse himself in water to maintain his strength, and indeed survive. After twelve hours he will begin to die if he cannot rehydrate himself.

History: When a strange man with webbed fingers and toes is washed ashore in California, oceanic expert Dr. Elizabeth Merrill is called in to study him. She discovers that he is the last survivor of Atlantis, and recruits him to work for her employers, the Foundation for Oceanic Research, using his special abilities to combat threats to the oceans and the world in general. His recurring nemesis was the evil scientist Mr.Schubert, who attempted to melt the ice caps, unleashed mineral eating robot worms and inflicted giant jellyfish on unsuspecting swimmers. Mark's adventures got increasingly outlandish, battling aliens, pirates, giant gas beings, two-headed sea monsters, an evil imp who could regress people to childhood; encountering a mermaid, and twice travelling in time, once to face his own evil, Wild West doppelganger, and once to encounter Romeo and Juliet!

Comments: Mark Harris was played by Patrick Duffy. The show ran seventeen episodes. Marvel adapted the series into a comic written by Bill Mantlo which ran for seven issues during 1978

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