Martin Mystère

Real Name: Martin Mystère

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Detective, writer and presenter of "Mystère's Mystèries" television show.

Affiliations: Java (partner); Dylan Dog (ally); Chris Tower (commander of Elsewhere, a futuristic and secret government base dealing with paranormal phenomena)

Enemies: The Men in Black; Sergei Orloff; Mr.Jinx; The Ineffable Three

Known Relatives: Diana Lombard (fiancèe)

Aliases: Detective of the Impossible; Buon Vecchio Zio Marty (Good Old Uncle Marty)

Base of Operations: No.3/a, Washington Mews, New York

First Appearance: Martin Mystère Monthly (Sergio Bonelli Editore, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: As well as being a superb athlete, and an expert in many fields of science, the occult and history, Matrin is armed with a powerful, nearly unique ray gun, "old of a thousand years" which can temporarily paralyse those it hits. The same being who gave him this gun also gifted him with a "third eye", allowing him a sort of psychic vision which gives him a new perception of the world - the full extent of this vision has never been made clear.

History: Martin Mystère investigates the greatest mysteries of the world, finding out who really built Stonehenge, the true identity of the Man in the Iron Mask, what actually caused the Tunguska Blast of 1908, and the true nature of the Werewolf, the Vampire, the Golem and the Loch Ness Monster. He has encountered King Arthur, unmasked Santa Claus, and read the Necronomicon. His partner in investigations is Java, a Neanderthal man from "The City of Ethereal Shadows", a hidden kingdom in the Mongolian mountains.

Comments: Created and written by Alfredo Castelli. Between 1978 and 1981 he published a series in the weekly magazine Supergulp whose lead character, Allan Quatermain, the grandson of the famous explorer of the same name, investigated cases of the supernatural and similar mysteries (much as Martin Mystère would subsequently do). When Supergulp ceased publication, Castelli suggested to Segio Bonelli Editore that they continue the series. They agreed, and it was relaunched with the lead character initially renamed Doc Robinson, and then Martin Mystère. He is known as Martin Y in his English reprints, and has been published by Dark Horse in the U.S. as Martin Mystery.






Mack Murdock informs me there is now a cartoon, Martin Mystery. A French production, it depicts Martin, Diana and Java as teenagers, and with Diana and Martin step-siblings rather than lovers, but is otherwise similar in theme to the original comic. The trio work for the Center, which protects Earth from alien and supernatural threats. Martin was voiced by Sam Vincent, and the show aired between 2003 and 2006, for a total of 66 episodes. In 2010 the cartoon version of Martin appeared as a guest star in the Totally Spies cartoon, episode "Totally Mystery Much?"









In 2005 a Martin Mystère video game was released, Operation: Dorian Gray (a.k.a. Crime Stories), the plot based on the story in #63 of the series.

Thanks to "Fez" for information on his third eye.

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