Real Name: Medioman Locuratolo

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Helper of housewives

Affiliations: MedioDog (pet/sidekick, a white dog which did nothing, with a cape and a tie just like his master's ones - he didn't wear glasses though)

Enemies: Puccio Bastianelli

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Italy

First Appearance: Mai Dire Grande Fratello (a programme that makes fun of Grande Fratello, the Italian version of Big Brother) in 2001

Powers/Abilities: The only power Medioman has is the ability to hear anyone who calls him. He has no intuition, takes hours to solve every problem and lives a methodical and regular life.

History: Medioman helps housewives to solve trivial problems such as a reflex on the TV, a button that fell off from a blouse or an overcooked turkey; he enters the scene making a circular movement with his fist and saying: "Donna, è arrivato MEDIOMAAAAN!" (="Woman, here comes MEDIOMAAAAN!")

Comments: The character of Medioman was inspired by Francesco Maria Gagliardelli, a participant of the 2001 edition of Grande Fratello, who was considered the "average man" and was therefore nicknamed Medioman ("medio" = "average").

Medioman was played by Fabio De Luigi in Mai Dire Grande Fratello.

Thanks to "Devil Master" for informing me about this character, and sending me a write-up and image of him.

Thanks to Federico "Boyakki" for additional details - with regard to Medioman's real name, he notes "I'm not sure about this (Medioman Locuratolo), as far as I can remember, but I clearly remember that Medioman was his everyday name and he had a similar surname." Regarding his foe he notes "The curious thing is, there was not only one Puccio Bastianelli, but every "enemy" Medioman met during his adventures was called Puccio Bastianelli and played by the same actor too. In almost every episode Medioman found a Bastianelli in his way, and these guys were always some kind of annoying people, for example an old schoolmate, a priest, a salesman, a sergeant and extra-terrestrial. Bastianelli always stopped Medioman while he was running to help housewives, and he made him lose large amounts of his "precious" time by talking to him of the most boring or un-interesting things. Every time Medioman succeeded in saving himself from that nuisance in the same way: by muttering "Maledetto rompicoglioni!" (something like "You damn 'pain in the ass'!"). After hearing these words Bastianelli instantly grew sadder and let Medioman go away. The episode with the alien was slightly different: this time Bastianelli was an alien student who was going to write a thesis on Earth, and forced Medioman to teach him everything he knew about history and such themes...with incredibly funny results! Puccio Bastianelli was played by Neri Marcoré.

In almost every episode, in the attempt of helping the housewife of the day, Medioman pushed her away yelling "Spostati! Può essere pericoloso!" ("Move over! This may be dangerous!"). The women saved by Medioman weren't always housewives, but every one of them was identified as "zitella" (unmarried woman, "spinster")."

Jacopo Barbati adds "I can confirm that his surname is "Locuratolo". Moreover, his adress is : Via di mezzo, non più di 4 ("via di mezzo" is a common italian form to mean "in the middle" - it's a word-play, using the word "via" that means "road". "Non più di 4" has a comic effect because "non più di 4" is not a valid civic number and means "nothing over 4").

Moreover, he has a deer puppet called "Turkilmaz" (Kubilay Turkylmaz was a second-rate footballer from Switzerland who played in Italy twice), and he sometimes talks with him."


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