Mr Magellan

Real Name: Mr.Magellan

Identity/Class: Human, technology user

Occupation: Inventions tester

Affiliations: agent of International Testing Organization; partner of Capella

Enemies: Casimir Boudu

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: France

First Appearance: "Mr. Magellan, I.T.O.",  Tintin magazine #1066 (1969)

Powers/Abilities: Excellent martial artist.

History: Mr.Magellan was a tester of new inventions for the International Testing Organization. With his friend Capella, a super-strong antique collector, he thwarted the offbeat schemes of a variety of mad scientists. He drove a flying Rolls Royce, and prided himself on his style - he drank champagne, smoked cigars, and never used something as common as a gun.

He battles villains likewise armed with high tech gadgets, often foreign agents. A recurring adversary was "Casimir Boudu", a meek-looking old man who was in reality a peace-loving, blue-skinned alien whose mission is to slow down Earth's technological progress.

Comments: Created by Jean Van Hamme and Geri (a pen name of artist Henri Ghion).

Mr. Magellan was originally serialized in the weekly magazine "Tintin", starting in 1969. The first two stories were written by (but not credited to) Jean Van Hamme. Later stories were penned by prolific "Tintin" writer, André-Paul Duchateau.

The Mr. Magellan stories were first collected as graphic novels in the 1970s in the generic soft-cover "Vedette" imprint published by Lombard in association with Dargaud. They were reissued in the mid-1980s by Lombard in their own collection, but in a different sequential order, and with additional stories that had not been collected before.

Much of the information on this page comes verbatim from Cool French Comics, used with permission. Likewise the images. Thanks to Gérard Courtial for additional information about this character.

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