Real Name: Unknown - may effectively be "Monster"

Identity/Class: Unrevealed; probably human mutate

Occupation: None


Enemies: X, Titan

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Sewers of Arcadia

First Appearance: Arcadia : Monster

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength and resilience, armoured skin and empathic abilities.

History: The Monster's origin is unknown. It is almost certainly a soldier or scientist mutated by the Vortex who either escaped Block 13 or was never detained there. However, how such a creature could have moved from the Vortex, in the Nevada desert, to the sewers of Arcadia, is unclear.

The Monster was long thought to be a legend, even by the vigilante known as X - who's been living in the sewers. When the Monster and X ultimately met each other, the Monster reacted badly to X's hatred and anger. Their fight was quite one-sided, but was broken up when a special SWAT team in pursuit of X found them both. They couldn't affect the Monster either, but he chose to leave.

X, however, had memorized where the Monster lived, and became quite adept at finding him in the sewers. Thus, when Titan attempted to arrest him, he managed to lead him to the Monster - but Titan was far too powerful, and threw him in the sea outside of Arcadia.

The Monster came back, of course, and was involved in a few other violent episodes - notably during the war in Arcadia. He also struck a sort of friendship with Miki D, the street urchin living in X's base. Miki D regularly brought him food, and the Monster saved his bacon whenever Miki was in trouble in the sewers. The Monster was almost killed at one point by Coffin's postmortem psionic manifestation, but survived and continued his rat-munching existence.

The Monster is simply lonely, and would like company; but he's also quite shy. He only ventures into the light when he feels real lonely or is hungry. He mostly reacts to external stimuli: negative emotions such as fear and anger hurt him and make him very aggressive, while sympathy soothes him (he's then likely to act in an altruistic manner).

Since fear and anger are the most common emotions in Arcadia, and the Monster is hunted by the humans, he's been known to conduct retaliatory attacks on the surface, thus perpetuating a vicious cycle of hatred and attracting powerful hunters.



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