Major Lash

Major Lash and his Lawkillers (the Preacher, left, Grunt, right)Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Cursed human

Occupation: Mercenary, bounty hunter

Affiliations: leader of the Lawkillers

Enemies: Grimjack (John Gaunt and Jim Twilley)

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Major, Lash, the Hanged Man

Base of Operations: Cynosure

First Appearance: Grimjack #10 (First Comics, May 1985)


History: "The leader's name was Lash - some called him the Major, others the Hanged Man. Story was he had gotten strung up once, and his body left dangling as a warning to others. In the middle of the night, a strange wagon came, cut the body down, and carted it away. When next seen, the Major was alive, but he no longer had a soul. He became a Hardtimer, always picking disturbed personalities to ride with him." John Gaunt, fresh from the loss of his true love, was one of the early Lawkillers, Spook rode with them too at some point after Gaunt had left the group.

It appears that Lash needs to feed of the souls of others to continue on - which is why he wanted Spook back so badly, as she is nothing but soul.

Comments: Created by John Ostrander.


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