Real Name: Unknown - presumably Marko something or something Marko

Identity/Class: Normal human, used high technology

Occupation: Master criminal

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: Dixon Hawke

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: "Marko the Miracle Man," Dixon Hawke Library #116 (10 December 1923)

Powers/Abilities: Exceptionally strong, he had also invented boots and a belt that allowed him to generate "anti-gravity" and levitate, and created "Y-ray glasses" that could see through objects (so he could see inside safes).

History: The most memorable enemy of Dixon Hawke, Marko was a "rather amazing type of criminal," a scientist/inventor/adventurer who had turned to crime with great enthusiasm. He'd invented boots and a belt that allowed him to generate "anti-gravity" and levitate, and created "Y-ray spectacles."  Between those, his zeal and bloodthirst, and his experience running a gang, he was almost a match for Hawke, nearly assassinating him on a number of occasions, as well as almost killing him closer in several times over, whether with knife, harpoon, garrote, or his bare hands. In his solo stories Marko carries out a long string of crimes, none of which are particularly forgivable, and in general has a long and successful career as a bad guy. He died in 1947 while fleeing from Hawke, as he leapt off the side of a tall building only for his anti-gravity device to malfunction; Marko plummeted to his death.

Comments: Marko was created by Edwy Searles Brooks, the creator of Dixon Hawke. Created in 1923, he continued to plague Hawke and other law enforcers for fourteen years. After his debut in Dixon Hawke Library #116, Marko returned in the following stories:

Marko continued to bedevil Dixon Hawke in the pages of the story paper Adventure, until his demise in Adventure #1200.

He is probably a rewritten version of Brooks' Waldo the Wonder Man, and in turn was rewritten as Norman Conquest.

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