Real Name: Veronica Lodge

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: School girl, socialite

Affiliations: Pureheart the Powerful, Super-Teen, Captain Hero, Evilheart

Enemies: The Rearranger

Known Relatives: Mr.Lodge (father)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Riverdale

First Appearance: as Veronica Pep Comics #26 (Archie Comics, April 1942); as Ms.Vanity Archie's Super Teens #4 (Archie Comics, January 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Able to scream extremely loudly, shattering windows and knocking people out.

History: Veronica was Betty (Super-Teen) Cooper's rival for the affections of Archie (Pureheart the Powerful) Andrews. Like her fellows she eventually gained a superhero identity, that of Ms.Vanity.

Comments: Thanks to Rob Wheelock for informing me of this character. He notes "Ms. Vanity was introduced to SuperTeens fans in issue # 4 of Archie's Super Teens (January, 1996) in the lead story Vanity, Thy Name Is Veronica. She's seen wearing a leather outfit: a pink bodice that stops just above her midriff, with purple shoulderpads and black cape; a black leather skirt with a white lap band and pink double-buckle belt; black and pink boots; black and pink gloves; she also wears white hoop-style earrings. She also appeared in issue 14 of Archie's (Weird) Mysteries (August, 2001)."


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