Mr. Scarlet

Real Name: Brian Butler

Identity/Class: Normal human (but see comments)

Occupation: Attorney, former District Attorney, "Special Prosecutor"

Affiliations: Pinky, Cherry Wade

Enemies: Browne Connors, Rocco Zarra, Big Mike Shannon, Dr. Death, the Ghost, the Horned Hood, the Black Thorn, the Black Clown, the Laughing Skull, Mr. Hyde, the Hummer, Bluebeard, the Moon Torchman, the Boss, the Fire Fiend, the Voice, the Black Sphinx, the Mask, the Hook, the Croaker

Known Relatives: Pinky Butler (ward)

Aliases: Red robed Knight of Right

Base of Operations: Gotham City

First Appearance: Wow Comics #1 (Fawcett, 1941); America's Greatest Comics 1-7; Gift Comics 1-2; Holiday Comics 1; Mighty Midget Comics: Mr. Scarlet (12); X-Mas Comics 1-2

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly, although he rarely uses this power, preferring to swing on ropes and jump from roof top to roof top.

Mr.Scarlet and Pinky in their civilian identities.History: Growing frustrated at a system that seems unable to deal with criminals who prey on innocent people, District Attorney Brian Butler put on a red bodysuit and yellow cape, and became the vigilante Mr.Scarlet. Aiding him on his mission was his secretary Miss Wade, who put up with Mr. Scarlet frequently swinging in her bedroom window during the middle of the night to give her instructions.

When one of Mr. Scarlet's foes, Mr. Hyde, murdered a woman, leaving her teenage son, Pinky, an orphan, the boy decided to emulate his hero Mr. Scarlet, and made himself a costume to wear while hunting down the villain. When Hyde captured Scarlet, Pinky came to the hero's rescue, and, once Hyde had been defeated, Brian Butler made Pinky his ward; since the boy had also realised that Scarlet was Butler, the hero also agreed to let the boy become his permanent sidekick, in return for his keeping the hero's secret. However, he has to constantly lie to Miss Wade about this, as she disapproves of the boy being involved in Scarlet's heroics. Eventually his crimefighting proves so successful that he puts himself out of his D.A.'s job, though it didn't help that he was caught sleeping in his office, exhausted from a night of heroics.

Comments: Created by Frank Herron and Jack Kirby.

Mr. Scarlet has the ability to fly, although no origin for this ability is ever given.

Mr.Scarlet's sidekick, PinkySome images on this page come from Steve Rogers' Golden Years Comic Book Library, used with his kind permission.


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