Mendy's Golem

Mendy and his sisterand the GolemReal Name: Mendy Klein; Sholem

Identity/Class: (Mendy) normal human boy; (Golem) magically animated humanoid clay statue

Occupation: (Mendy) schoolkid; (Golem) protector of the Klein family

Affiliations: Each other

Enemies: Pavel Novak, Ludmila Novakova, Vaclav

Known Relatives: Mendy Rivkie (sister), Professor Joe Klein (father), Elka Klein (mother), Danny (cousin); Golem None

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: New Haven, Conneticut; Prague, Czech Republic

First Appearance: Mendy's Fun Page (Mendy Enterprises,1977)

Powers/Abilities: Sholem is incredibly strong and nearly impervious to injury.

History: When Professor Klein went missing during a trip to Prague, his wife and children moved their to look for him. The children discovered that he had been kidnapped by Ludmila and her partner Pavel, who wanted him to create a golem for them. Professor Klein obliged - but the villains found to their dismay that Sholem, as he was named, only felt like obeying Mendy.

Mendy with his Golem, from the newspaper stripComments: Created by Tami Pinson. The characters first appeared in Mendy's Fun Page, which ran weekly in a number of Jewish newspapers in North American and Australia. There was a comic of Mendy and the Golem in the early 1980's, and more recently the title has been revived in an all new telling of the story. For more details, check the official website at


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