Prince Ahmoud, Mystery Man of the Desert

Real Name: Prince Ahmoud

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Prince

Affiliations: Sir Gregory Jefferson; Ben Adom

Enemies: Saharan criminals

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Mystery Man of the Desert

Base of Operations: The Sahara

First Appearance:  Robin Hood Comic #1

Powers/Abilities: Skilled fighter.

History: "English born and educated - Prince Ahmoud - descendant of a long line of Arabian kings, has dedicated his life to fighting the savage hordes which terrorise the vast waste lands of the Sahara Desert - a black velvet mask covers his eyes, and only two close friends - Sir Gregory Jefferson, a London barrister, and Ben Adom, a boyhood friend of the Prince know his secret..."

Comments: Thanks to Dansen T.Stahl who provided the following information, gleaned from an old fan magazine "Rocket Blast Comi-Collector".

"Costume: Jodhapur pants. Tall leather boots with spurs. Blouse. Ankle-length cape with hood banded in Bedouin-style. Wide belt holding a pistol holter and a long, curved dagger (hanging almost directly under his belt buckle. Party mask(?) (slightly larger than domino mask). Prince Ahmoud was a back-up feature in Robin Hood Comic #1. A perfect example of early John Dixon art. In this story, he used an armored car in preference to the legendary Arabian stallion, and makes use of a submachine gun instead of the scimitar. No doubt a takeoff of Lawrence of Arabia in a WWII setting. Dixon went on to fame as the creator of the Aussie version of Catman and other super heroes." Dansen also contributed the history above.


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