Sabbat, necromancer who threatened the world of Judge Dredd with an army of zombies

Saber, King of the Jungle

Sable, Jon, freelance agent for hire

Saboteur, foe of the Marksman from Pow Annual 1971

Sabraman, Israeli hero

Sabrina, teenage witch


Sadan the Demon Maker, villainous alien psychic



Sadu, Nip-Cit Judge killed during Judgement Day crisis


Sailor Chibi-Moon

Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon

Sailor Cosmos

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Kakyuu

Sailor Luna

Sailor Mars

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Pluto

Sailor Saturn

The Sailor Scouts

Sailor Star-Fighter

Sailor Star-Healer

Sailor Star-Maker

Sailor Uranus

Sailor Venus

The Saint, Simon Templar

Saint of Killers, enemy of the Preacher

Saint Sinner, Razorline

Sajbernaut, Serbian hero

Saker, Lazarus, the greatest foe of the Elementals

Salt, Warpie working for Cloud Nine in Marvel UK

Saltarella, French insectoid heroine

Salvator, French heo

Samadhi, alias Captain Newfoundland

Samaritan, greatest hero of Astro City

Sam Casey, TV's Gemini Man

Sammy Brewster's Ski-Board Squad

Sam Slade, 2000 A.D.'s Robo-Hunter

Samson, Golden age hero

Samson, Dell comics

Samson, Hanna-Barbera

Samson, of the Starforce

Sam's Spook


Samurai Jack, timelost warrior and foe of Aku


Sanction, telepathic assassin and foe of the Elementals


Sand Hog

Sandman, Dream of the Endless

Sandy, one of the three guardians of the monk Tripitaka

Sangre, Spanish heroine

Santana, member of the Chosen

Santini, Indonesian heroine

Santo, member of the Chosen

Santo, masked wrestler

Sapphire, elemental agent who fights temporal incursions

Saras 008, Indonesian heroine

Sarge Steel


Sasquatch, bestial member of Canada's Alpha Flight

Satanax, French superhero whose powers are activated by flame

Satanik, French

Satanik, Italian

Sathanas, enemy of the Next Men

Satin Astro

Saturn, Johnny

Saturnyne, Omniversal Majestrix and ally of Captain Britain

Sat-Yr-Nin, tyrant and other-dimensional counterpart of Saturnyne

Savage, Bill, truck driver who fought the Volg invasion

Savage, Doc, The Man of Bronze, archetypal Pulps hero

Savage Dragon, Erik Larsen's super-powered cop

Savage, Pat, cousin of Doc Savage

Savage, Sydney, member of Danger Girl

Savant, member of the second Wild C.A.T.S. team

Saveen, Paul, arch enemy of Tom Strong

Saw, Serbian hero

Sawyer, Tom, LXG


Scalpel, Violent Messiahs


Scanner, Strikeforce: Morituri

Scar, Milestone villain

Scarab, foe of Captain America

Scarab, Golden Age hero

Scarab, enemy of the Mummies Alive

Scarab, Agent of Isis

Scaredycat, Strikeforce: Morituri

Scarecrow of Romney Marsh, Dr. Syn, 18th century smuggler

Scarlet Arrow

Scarlet Avenger

Scarlet Hawk, genius British superhero, former supervillain

Scarlet Nemesis

Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Pimpernel, foe of the French revolution and rescuer of aristos

Scarlet Scarab

Scarlet Scorpion

Scarlet Seal, Quality Comics hero

Scarlet Sentry

Scarlet Snake, Astro City villain

Scarlet Streak

Scarlett of Scarlett's Curse

Scatterbrain, Strikeforce: Morituri

Scavenger, Crossfire foe

Scavenger, member of Dragon's Claws

Scatterbrain, a.k.a. Fascination, member of Technet and later the Special Executive

Scharnhorst, Wilhelmina


Science Wonder Boy, Chinese robot

Scope, Warpie

Scorpio, member of Zodiac Force

Scorpio, Filipino hero

Scorpion, Golden Age Australian hero

Scorpion, Atlas comics character

Scorpion, successor to the first Atlas comics Scorpion

Scottish Legion Of Super-Heroes, Scottish team

Scott, Porter, government liaison for the Elementals

Scrameustache, feline alien

Screamer, man mutated into part-alien monster


Scud, treacherous assistant of Blade's

Scud: the Disposable Assassin, killer robot

Scummer, member of Bad Company

Scuzzy, sleazy bartender at Munden's Bar

The Scythe


Sea Tiger, Chinese hero

Sean Knight, ghostly ally of Kevin Matchstick, the Pendragon

Secret Avengers, trio of school girls, secret society

Secret Stamp, Golden Age hero


See-Thru Girl

Selene, vampire killer of werewolves

Sembrani, Indonesian hero

Senator Bob Kasten, vampire hunting pig, ally of the Badger

Senior Technico

el Señor Destino

Sentai, Japanese teams whose US counterparts are the Power Rangers

Sentinel, Golden age

Sentinel, member of Youngblood

The Sentinel, US cop with superhuman senses

Sentinels of Justice

Sentry, dark avenger of the night, member of the Hero Alliance

Sepulchre, arch foe of the Guardsmen and the Hero Alliance



711, Quality Comics hero

Sergeant Canuck

Sgt.Fricker, Actionfolksinger

Sgt.Fricker Jr, son of the above

Sgt Preston, hero in the Angloman universe

Sergeant Simon Strong

Sergeant Slaughter, hero in the Elementals universe

Sergeant Spook

Sergeant States, WWII ally of Jack Staff

Sgt. Strike

Sergei Koznishev, enemy of the Espers

Serpent, dragon, former enemy of the Southern Knights and head of the villainous agency Viper



Seven Stars, British superhero team

Sewer Jack, Ace from the Wild Cards universe, able to turn into a gigantic alligator

Sewer Urchin, ally of the Tick

Sfere, Alpha Corps


Shabbas Queen

The Shade

The Shadow, archetypal dark avenger of the night from the Pulps

The Shadow, Victorian era crimefighter from Hurricane

The Shadow, one Australian hero of that name

Shadow, second Australian hero of that name

Shadow, UK Ultra Knight

Shadow Cabinet, Dakota universe team

Shadow Dragon, foe of the Golden Dragon

Shadowflame, third Holy Man of Isht

ShadowHawk, dark avenger of the night from the Image universe

ShadowHawk, Eddie Collins, the above's successor

Shadow Lady, Big Bang

Shadow Lady, Japanese

Shadowman, voodoo powered hero from the Valiant universe

Shadowman, the next recipient of the powers of Shadowman

Shadowman, Acclaim version of the above hero


Shadow Riders

Shadow Runner

Shaft, leader of Youngblood, archer

Shag, Wally Wood's Misfits




Sham, shape-shifting member of the DNAgents

Shaman, Golden Age hero from Spark comics

Shaman, from Continuity Comics

Shaman, sorcerous member of Canada's Alpha Flight

Shampoo, girl who fell into Pool of Drowned Cat

Shandor, Demon Stalker, monk cursed with a death touch, foe of demons everywhere



Shapeshifter, villainous leader of the Destroyers and foe of the Elementals

Shark, Golden age

The Shark, WWII resistance fighter in the occupied Channel islands

The Shark, enemy of Spider

Shark-Man, Protector of New Venice City

Shark-Man, the above's replacement

Sharron Macready, one of the three Champions who work for Nemesis

Shatterman, member of the Crusaders

Shaw, Iris, Crow

Shayde, Time Lord operative generated by the Matrix


Shear, Strikeforce: Morituri



She-Force, No Heroics


Sheeva, member of the second incarnation of Bad Company

She-Man, Filipino satire of He-Man

Shepherd, Jack, G.I. Spy

She-Ra, Princess of Power and sister of He-Man

Sheriff of Nottingham, legendary arch enemy of Robin Hood

Sherlock Holmes, the master sleuth of Baker Street

She-Wolf of London

Shi, sohei warrior

The Shield, the original Archie Comics' character

The Shield, Lancelot Strong, the second Archie Comic's Shield

The Shield, the third Archie Comics Shield

The Shield, the first Impact Shield

The Shield, the second Impact Shield, a.k.a. the American Shield

The Shield, the "Golden age" Impact Shield


Shikata, Spider-Man foe

Shimura, former Nip-Cit top Judge, now ronin

Shirak the Devourer, Astro City villain

Shiratori no Jun, Swan Jun, member of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, a.k.a. G-Force

Shiwan Khan, greatest foe of the Shadow

Shocker, member of the Crushers

Shock Gibson, Golden Age hero

Shock-Headed Peter, member of the Top Ten precinct

Shockwave, clone of Voltage from the Zenith universe

Shobosh, demon and foe of Generacija Tesla

Sho-Gun, foe of Captain Canada



The Shoveler

Shredder, arch enemy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


The Shrewmanoid, underground villain, foe of Monkeyman and O'Brien

Shrike, friend of Thrax and member of Bad Company

The Shrinker, villainous scientist

Shuriken, martial artist

Siberian Six, Soviet superheroes

Sibilla, French medium in the Semic Universe who investigates the occult


Sideshow, Shadow Cabinet

Sideways Bob, adult supervisor of DV-8



Sigmund Fiend, enemy of Foodang


Silencer, Strikeforce: Morituri

Silent Bear, Bill, Esper

Silent Ghost

Silent Shadows, School girl heroes

Silent Three, more School girl heroes

Silhouette, Minutemen

Silicon Valerie, Danger Girl's computer whiz

Silkie, Futurian

Silk Shadow

Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter

Silk Spectre, Laurie Juspeczyk

Silkworm, Warpie

Silver, ally of Sapphire and Steel

Silver, member of the Faze 1 Fazers

Silver-Age Megaton Man

Silver Agent

The Silver Brain


Silver Dollar

Silver Scorpion, Timely Comics hero

Silver Shadow, Futurian

Silver Shadow, French hero


Silver Star

Silver Starr

Silver Streak, Golden Age hero

SilverStreak, brother to Armor


Simon Ashley

Simon Death

Simon Strong

Simping Detective, undercover Mega-City Judge


Sindala, fakir


Sinbad, member of Freedom Force

Sinbad Jr., teenage hero





Sin, Norrin

Sintek, cyborg sportsman



Siphon, Codename: Strikeforce


Sir Falcon

Sir Guy

Sir Stanley Harker, ghostly hero

The Sisters of Death, allies of Judge Death

Six Million Dollar Gran, robot granny

Six Million Dollar Man, rebuilt astronaut

Skateman, Californian vigilante from Pacific Comics

The Skeleton Crew

Ski-Board Squad



Skuld, Oh! My Goddess!

Skull-Face, Golden Age horror character

The Skunk

Sky Chief



Sky Marshal

Skyscraper, Strikeforce America member

Skyscraper, Astro City hero

Skywalker, Luke, young Jedi

Sky Wizard


Slaine, Celtic warrior



Slasher, A-Man

Slaughterman, Comico hero

Slayhunter, the original

Slayhunter, the replacement

Slaymaster, British assassin



Sleeper, Wild Cards

Slick, Liberty Project

The Slick, Megaton Man

Slim, Italian hero

S.L.O.S.H., Scottish League of Superheroes

Sludge, jelly-like monster

The Slug



Smart Alec, member of Omega Flight

Smax, Top Ten cop

The Smee

Smiley Sun, ill-fated hero, killed by the Lloigor

Smith, Jonathan, angel

Smoke, partner of Mirrors

Smoke&Mirrors, Astro City villains

Smokeman, UFO agent

Smuggler King, Penny Dreadful character

Snafu, DNAgents

The Snake, foe of the Spider

The Snake, the villainous Professor Krait

Snake Standing

Snapdragon, Strikeforce: Morituri

Snazz, Abelard

Sniper, Quality Comics

Sniper, US covert operative



Snowbird, Alpha Flight member

Snowbird, enemy of Gay Guy

Snowman, ally of the Spider

The Soaker, nemesis of Fatman and Sparrow

Soeperman, Dutch hero

Solar, Golden Age hero

Solar, Valiant revival of the Gold Key superhero Dr. Solar

Solar, Serbian hero


Solar Samurai

Solar Wind

Soliloquy Jones

Sommers, Jaime


Sonar, foe of the League of Champions

Sonar, Warpie

Son of Dracula

Son of Vulcan

Sonny Storm

Sooper Hippie

Sophisticated Lady


The Soul Taker

Souper Boy

Southern Cross, Cyclone 30's

Southern Cross, Cyclone 80's

Southern Cross, Cult Fiction Comics

Southern Squadron, Australian hero team

Southern Tribe, New Zealand hero team

Space Ace

Space Armadillo

Space Ghost




Space Sentinels

Space Usagi

Spar, Christine

Spare Part Kit


Spark Man, electrical Golden Age hero

Sparkplug, electrical member of the Champions

Sparky Watts

Sparrow, partner of Fatman

Sparrowhawk, sidekick to the British Night Hawk

Spartan, leader of the WildCATS

Sparx, ally of Ace Lightning

Sparx, Mercy, demon girl

Spawn, undead avenger of evil

Special Executive, extra-dimensional mercenaries

The Specials, not the world's greatest superhero team

Special Unit 2, monster hunting feds

The Spectre, crimebusting reporter

Spectre, Australian hero




Speedboy, sidekick to Fighting American

Speed Centaur, Golden Age hero

Speed, Dave, Super Fuzz

Speed Gale


Speed Savage



Sphinx, Golden Age hero

Sphinx, foe of Grimjack

the Sphinx, Mystery Men

Sphinx, Filipino character

Sphinx, Big Bang

Spice, Astro City villain

S.P.I.C.E., sidekick to Awesome version of Fighting American

The Spider, Pulps

Spider, Quality Comics' hero

The Spider, British

Spider, enemy of the O-Men


Spider-Man, Indian

Spider-Man, Japanese

Spiderman, Dutch

Spiderplant-Man, spoof hero

Spider Queen

Spider Widow

Spider Woman

Spike, English vampire

Spikes Harvey Rotten

Spirit, Comico heroine

Spirit, Will Eisner's

Spirit of the People

Spirit of '76

Spirit Man

Spirit Walker

Spitfire, Golden Age heroine

Spitfire, Marvel Comics

Splash Brannigan


The Spleen



Spook, undead Warren hero

Spook, Grimjack

Spook, Zenith

Spook, Big Bang


Spooktacular Seven

Sportacus, healthy hero



Spring-Heeled Jack

Spring-Heeled Jackson

Spring-Heeled Jock


Spy Boy



Spy Breaker


Spy Shadow

Spy Smasher


Sri Asih, Indonesian heroine

Sri Dewi, Indonesian heroine

Sriti, Indonesian hero


Stallion Canuck


Stanislaus Korivitsky

Stan Lee

Stanley Harker


Star Beast

Starcorp Man



Stardust, Golden age



Starforce Six

Star Girl

Starkweather, mage


Starlight, Shadow Cabinet

Starlock, French hero

Starlok, Actionfolksinger

Starlord, intergalactic editor

Starman, Mexican hero

Starman, UK Ultra Knight

Starman, Japanese superhero

Star, Matthew, alien prince in exile

Starr of Wonderland, UK heroine

Star Seed, Broadway comics hero

Star Shark, Mystery Men




Static, British hero

Static, Ditko hero

Static, Milestone hero


Steed, British spy

Steel, Dragon's Claws

Steel, partner of Sapphire

Steel Chameleon, Canadian character, spy

Steel Claw, British hero

Steel Commando, British character, robot war hero

Steel Devil, villain from Astro City

Steele, John, Golden Age character

Steel Fist, Golden Age hero

Steelhead Sam, metal-headed secret agent

Steelhorn, member of the ABC Warriors

Steeljack, Astro City superhuman, former criminal

Steel Man, one of the identities of the Tiger Boy

Steel Sterling, Archie

Steel Sterling, Impact

Stelth, Apsilon, member of Dan Dare's Eagles

Stephen, TP

Sterling, member of Codename: Strikeforce

Steve, member of the Night Krew

Steve Austin, Six Million Dollar Man

Stevens, Samantha

Steve Samson, British strongman

Sticker, M.A.S.K.

Stig, accidental ruler of Hell

Stiletto, member of the British Storm Force

Stiletto, from the DNAgents universe

De Stille Getuige, Dutch hero

Stinger, U.K. hero

Stinger, partner of the Blue Scorpion

Stinker, member of the Super Seven

Stirling, Craig, member of the Champions

Stitch, one of the Haunted

Stone, Filipino character

Stone, John, ally of Planetary

Stonewall, enemy of the DNAgent Tank

Stone, Zachary of Super Force

Stone, Zeke, agent of the Devil

Storm, astronaut in a barbaric future

Storm, John, leader of Storm Force

Storm Force, British anti-terrorist group



Stormwatch, U.N. superhero team

Stormy Foster, Golden Age hero

Stormy Weather, Las Vegas singer and weather witch


Straight Arrow

Strang the Terrible, superstrong adventurer

Strange, Marvel U.K. hero

Strangeblood, member of the Bloodgroup

Strangematter, villain from Astro City

Strange, Tom

The Strangler, member of the Mystery Men


Streamline, U.K. speedster hero

Street Angel, hero from Astro City

Streethawk, motorbiking hero

Strike, Eclipse hero allied with Sergeant Strike

Strike, leader of Codename: Strikeforce

Strikeforce: Morituri, heroes whose powers would kill them in the end

STRIKE Psi Division, Telepaths on the run

Striker, M.A.S.K.

Strong, Albrecht, Fascist son of Tom Strong

Strong Arm, Actionfolksinger

Strongarm, armed with biomechanical arms

Strongbow, Native American hero

Strong, Dhalua, wife of Tom Strong

Stronghold, Harbinger

Strongman, Golden age

Strongman, British

Strong Man, Mighty Heroes

Strong, Simon

Strong, Tesla

Strong, Tom, Science hero of Millennium City

Strontium Dog, Johnny Alpha



Styrian, member of Wildcore

Stump, Partner of Bug

Stunning Woman, Brazilian heroine


Subbie, Timely Comics hero

Sub-Earth Man, Golden Age villain

Subgirl, ally of Tank Girl


Sub-Mariner, Golden Age hero

Submerman, French aquatic hero


Summers, Buffy, The Slayer

Summers, Eric, Smallville teen


Sunburst, Stormwatch

Sunburst, MFC Studios


Sun Girl

Sunlight, John, Doc Savage nemesis

Sunny Sun, Italian hero

Sunswift, Futurian

Supa Dupa Man, Australian hero

Super American

Super Ann

Super Argo, Brazilian hero

Superargo, Italian hero

Super B

Super Blag

Super Boy, French hero

Superboy Lordino, Filipino hero

Superboyo, British super-powered youth

The Supercats, all-girl space patrol

Super Commando

Super Dad, paternal superhero from Britain

Super Dan

Superdupont, French hero

Super Frios



Supergirl, British martial artist

Super-Girl Sandra

Super Globetrotters, Basketball superheroes

Supergoof, cartoon superhero

Super Gran, elderly Scottish heroine

Super Green Beret, Lightning Comics hero

Superhero G, imaginary friend

Super Hrvoje, Croatian hero

Super Idol

Super Inday

Superior Squad, allies of Radioactive Man

Super Islaw

Super J, French hero

Supah Jaianto, Japanese hero

Super-Jumbo, French Canadian hero

Super Klenk, Pinoy heroine



Superman, Indian version

Super Mario Boy

Supermatou, French hero


Supermind's Son


Super Pagodeiro, Brazilian hero


Super President

Super Rabbit, Golden Age funny animal

Super Ranger Kids


Los Supersabios

Super Samurai, member of Freedom Force

The Super Seven

Super Shamou


Super Slave, Golden Age genie

Supersmith, janitor whose powers are activated by sneezing

Supersnipe, Canadian character


Super Soldiers

Supersonic Man

Super Spook

Super Steve


Superstretch, partner of Microwoman

Super Ted, teddy bear superhero

Super Teech, spoof British hero


Super Trouper, Discotronic Funk Commando



Super Wan Tu Tri, Filipino heroes


Super Women, Italian heroine



Supremo, Phillipines

Supremo, Indian


Susan Mathews


Swamp Thing

The Swarm


Swiftarrow, Golden Age hero


The Sword, Golden Age hero

Sword, Quality Comics' Golden Age hero

Sydney Savage

Sykes, Mavis Davis, wife of the Badger

Sylia, one of Japan's Knight Sabers

Sylvester Jenkins, enemy of the Spider

Sylvia Mark, 100 Girls


Synergy, allies of the Southern Knights

Synn, member of Fem Force

Syphon, Marvel UK

Syrius Thrice