Real Name: Kyoko Shidara

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Bodyguard/assassin, later model and freelance bodyguard

Affiliations: Eagle

Enemies: Tiger Claw

Known Relatives: Emi Shidara (aunt), unnamed father, Koji Shidara (Tiger Claw, brother)

Aliases: Kiku (childhood nickname)

Base of Operations: Pittsburgh, PA

First Appearance: Shuriken #1 (Victory Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Shuriken is an incredible martial artist. Trained from childhood in the arts, she knows several styles and can - but prefers not to - use them to a fatal degree.

Depending on which outfit she wears, Shuriken carries a brace of 6 to 8 throwing stars, and two pairs of nunchaku. She also has hidden pouches on her outfit which carry smoke pellets, caltrops and other smaller items.

History: Originally from Osaka, Japan, Kyoko Shidara was once a bodyguard in a Pittsburgh-based security firm. Slowly, she began to discover that it was a corrupt organization that also dealt in assassination, coups and other mercenary work. She quit the organization and at the behest of a friend tried to land a modelling job, only to find she was for a time pursued by assassins from said group. Eventually she decided to go into work as a freelance bodyguard.

It was during her time with her previous employer she discoverd that her younger brother, Koji, had become a yakuza assassin. Heading back to Japan, she challenged the Yakuza to free him, only to have to fight him directly. Barely winning, she convinced him to give up the assassin's life. Shortly after she returned to Pittsburgh, Koji committed seppuku (ritual suicide).

Comments: Shuriken was created by Reggie Byers as an attempt to create an American manga scene in the US. Though the Shuriken title initially was action-oriented, the title slowly became character driven ("shojo" style manga). To please the "shonen" (action-oriented crowd), Byers created a second Shuriken series, Blade of Shuriken (published by Eternity comics). Though both were initially done by Byers, due to other commitments, Byers worked on BOS while the original comic was done by an associate artist. Eventually, however, due to erratic publishing schedules, both comics were discontinued.

Though Byers works in the industry from time to time, no new Shuriken titles have been seen since.

Though Shuriken was created by artist Reggie Byers, it is said that the creator of Eagle, Neil Vokes, had much to do with her design as well. Though there is not an official crossover between Eagle and Shuriken there was a cameo of each of them in the others' comic books every issue.

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