Shiratori no Jun

Real Name: Jun

Identity/Class: Unknown - uses advanced technology, but powers may come from mutation or cybernetic implants

Occupation: Restaurant manager

Affiliations: member of Kagaku Ninjatai

Jun in civviesEnemies: Gallacter, Katse, Gel Sadra, Count Egobossler, Sosai X

Known Relatives: Jinpei (adoptive brother)

Aliases: The Swan, Princess (BotP), Agatha June (G-Force), Kelly Jenar (Eagle Riders)

Base of Operations: Utoland

First Appearance: Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman (October 1972)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength and agility. Able to fly / glide for short distances. Favourite weapons include a variety of hi-tech (and often explosive) yoyos, razor sharp ribbons, and a sonic gun. Skilled martial artist. Vehicles wise, she favours powerful supersonic motorbikes, all heavily armed with missiles and most capable of travelling over water as well as land. When the team forms the Whirlwind pyramid, where they spin at high speed to generate a devastating tornado, she is part of the top tier for it. Jun is the team's technical expert, with particular skill in communications, computers and explosives. She also acts as medic and engineer for the team, and is almost certainly the smartest member of the team.

Jun's second bike

Jun's bike in the 1994 OAVs.

History: Dr.Nambu found his team's technical expert in an orphange, where sixteen year old Japanese/American girl Jun had grown up. She agreed to join his team only if he also recruited young Jinpei, a young boy she had effectively adopted as her brother. She views the team much like the family she lacked growing up, and as a result is the best team player in the group. Having grown up in a very male dominated society, and being the only female in the Kagatu Ninjatai, she tends to stay out of the limelight and let the guys take the lead, despite being both as capable as them in a fight, and probably the most intelligent member.

In her civilian identity she manages the Snack Jun, her own restaurant, where she also moonlights as a go-go dancer or plays guitar with her band. She is torn between her attractions to team leader Ken and team rebel Jo.

Several years after first taking on the evil organisation, the entire team appeared to perish destroying once and for all the alien overlord behind Gallacter.

Comments: Voice provided by Sugiyama Kazuko in the original anime, and Neya Michiko in the 1994 revival.

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