Jack Point

Real Name: Jack Point

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Wally Squad Judge; Private Investigator

Affiliations: Mega-City 1 Judges

Enemies: Perps; corrupt Sector Chief Draveez; Raptaurs

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Simping Detective

Base of Operations: Angeltown, Mega-City One

First Appearance: Judge Dredd Megazine #220

Powers/Abilities: Aside from being a good detective and marksman, Point has rigged his Simp gear (rubber nose, bow tie, hand-buzzer etc) to fire bullets and lasers.

History: Originally a standard Judge, Point became an undercover Wally Squad operative in Angeltown; his cover story has it that he fell from Justice Department graces and was fired, and now works as a PI. With this cover he can more easily investigate crime for the Department, and an early mission involved taking down hired killers sent by an enemy from his “polished dome” days. Since then he has taken on standard perps as well as a conspiracy involving a corrupt Sector Chief, a nun-run school for troubled juves and the Crystal Blue drug manufactured from Raptaurs.

Comments: Jack Point was created by Si Spurrier and Frazer Irving. Originally he was intended as a one-shot character, but the Megazine editor decided he had more potential.

Simp is Mega-City One slang for any citizen with the compulsion to dress and act a total fool - a "simpleton". In Point's case, he dresses as a clown. It’s unknown why Point wears Simp clothes, with the only explanation being “my shrink says I got to lighten up”.

"The Simping Detective" is, of course, a wordplay based on Dennis Potter's "the Singing Detective".

Profile by Charles Ellis.


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