Tiger Boy from Twilight

Real Name: Paul Canfield

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (either from Venus or Jupiter, the strip contradicts itself)

Occupation: School boy

Affiliations: None

Enemies: None known

Known Relatives: Unnamed parents, unnamed twin sister

Aliases: Steel Man, Rubberman

Base of Operations: United States

First Appearance: Unearthly Spectacular #1 (Harvey Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Paul is both physically and mentally more powerful than a human of his age. He is able to travel instantaneously anywhere in the universe with the power of his mind, change shape, levitate things, reverse gravity, and generally rearrange matter with his mind. When he changes shape in the story he takes on three forms - a tiger with a human head ("Tiger Boy"), a robot ("Steel Man"), and a humanoid shape with stretching abilities ("Rubberman"). However its clear he could take on more forms if he wanted.

Faced with a machine gun, Paul becomes a robotHistory: Paul grew up knowing he was different, smarter and stronger than those around him - his parents were aliens who had crash landed on Earth years before. He soon developed contempt for humanity in general, although he recognised that some are worse than others. Hence when he witnesses a bank robbery, he transforms into a tiger with a human head in order to thwart the crime. When one of the crooks tries to machine gun him, he becomes the bulletproof robot Steel Man, before finally transforming into the stretching Rubberman to contain the criminals. Once the police have taken the criminals, Paul returns home, where he announces his intention to conquer the world (for humanities own good of course). His parents berate him for this attitude, inform him that he needs to learn to distinguish between good people and bad ones, not just lump them all together, and tell him he will only be allowed to use his powers again if he employs them fighting evil. They also reveal that he has a twin sister, who wandered off after the crash - should the two of them ever run into one another while both are wearing one of their special forms, then their wills will cancel each other out, killing both of them. And with that dire warning, they send him out to mow the lawn.

Comments: Drawn by Gil Kane in his one and only appearance.

CLARIFICATIONS: His Tiger Boy persona should not be confused with

Steel Man should not be confused with

His Rubberman persona should not be confused with

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