Shadow Lady

Real Name: Aimi Komori

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magic.

Occupation: Superthief/schoolgirl

Affiliations: Demota (demon sidekick), Bright

Enemies: Grey City Police Department, Medu, Klein

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Grey City

First Appearance: Shadow Lady #1

Powers/Abilities: Aimi transforms into Shadow Lady by applying a magical eyeshadow which transforms her into a cocky, scantily clad superbeing able to take at least eight different forms, though only five are seen - Normal (black eye-shadow), Cat Shadow (red), Bird Shadow (blue), Bunny Shadow (yellow), and Super-Pro, which she assumes by shouting "Super-Pro Change!". (in typical manga manner, the change is loudly announced beforehand). In various forms she can fly or be superstrong. It should be noted that when the eye-shadow is applied to others, they too find their mind and clothes transformed to think like Shadow Lady - however it doesn't necessarily change their bodies, which caused some major embarrassment for the middle-aged male policeman who spent some time running around in a skimpy outfit thinking he was a beautiful and mischievous teenage girl. Theoretically anyone could become Shadow Lady.

History: Aimi Komori, a plain and painfully shy 17-old girl found the magical eyeshadow that turned her into an overconfident and flirtatious Shadow Lady. Originally the Shadow Lady concentrated mainly being public nuisance, but when emissaries from the demon world came to demand the return of various items that had been smuggled to this world from their own, Aimi/Shadow Lady agreed to get the items back, in order to avoid the end of the world. In the end she fought a massive demon to save the world.

Comments: Creation of Masakazu Katsura

Profile provided by Vesa Lehtinen.

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