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History: Stormwatch was the United Nations Crisis Intervention Team, founded following the Despot incident. Over the space of three years, the parts were put into place, as a huge orbiting station, Skywatch was built, and three superhumans: Batallion (Jackson King), Nautika (Maya Royko), and Flashpoint (Foster McClane) were trained by Backlash (Marc Slayton).

Henry Bendix, a Team One Alumnus, was apponted Weatherman, overall commander of Stormwatch. On an early mission, Stormwatch Prime (Battallion, Flashpoint, Nautika and Sunburst), and Backlash were operating in the Gulf War. After the loss of the others on a mission, Batallion was appointed commander of Stormwatch One (Hellstrike, Diva, Fuji and Winter).

Following Fire From Heaven incident, Henry Bendix reorganised Stormwatch to become a more proactive, international police force. He dissolved Stormwatch One and Two, the new trainee squad, and created three teams of three people: Stormwatch Prime (Winter, Fuji and Hellstrike), Stormwatch Red (Farenheit, Flint and Rose Tattoo) and Stormwatch Black (Jenny Sparks, Jack Hawksmoor and Swift).

John Cumberland, AKA the High, was a superhero in the 1930s and 40s. He quit the business, disillusioned with simply fighting wrongdoers. He spent 50 years planning his perfect society, and with the aid of the Chagers; Smoke, The Eidolon, The Doctor, The Engineer, Rite, Wish and Blind, moved to make it a reality. However, Stormwatch intervened, as Henry Bendix had his own plans for world domination. By the end of the conflict, Bendix is missing, presumed dead, and the High and his followers were all dead. In the Aftermath, Jackson King is promoted to Weatherman, and he reintegrated Stormwatch Red and Prime into one team, and disavowed any knowledge of Stormwatch Black.

Times didn't get much better after Bendix left. After several more battles, Skywatch was infested by Aliens. Most of the crew was killed except for Jackson King, Christine Trelane, Flint and members of Stormwatch Black. Flint manages to escape, and brings help in the form of the WildC.A.T.s.  The casualties include Fuji, Hellstrike, Fahrenheit and over 400 of the normal human support crew. SkyWatch was driven into the sun by Winter, Zealot's son.

With no orbital space station, the United Nations shut down Stormwatch Jackson King and Christine Trelane were assigned as consultants.

However surviving members of Stormwatch Black, the group's covert missions team, went on to found the Authority, and taking up on their lead, King and Trelane later founded the Monarchy.

A new Stormwatch was established under former Black Razor commando Ben Santini. This was a group mostly composed of normal humans who were designed to take out superhuman threats to the world. They were surprisingly effective, even beating the Authority at one point; when the Authority took control of America, Stormwatch lost their UN funding and became an underground organisation designed to take out the Authority one by one.

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