Real Name: Arsène Satard

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Court recorder

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: The Lion Men, Zacharias, the Grand Masters

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: None

First Appearance: Satanax #1 (Editions Mondiales, 1948)

Powers/Abilities: Satanax's powers include superhuman strength, flight, invulnerability to flame and resistance to physical harm - for example, neither being hit on the head with a large wrench nor having an elephant fall on him harmed him. His transformation can be caused by a flame as small as that of a match.

History: Arsène Satard, a humble court recorder, is given superhuman powers by an old alchemist. When brought in contact with fire, he turns into the super-powered crime-fighter known as Satanax. He can only remain in this form for an hour.

Comments: Created by Auguste Liquois.

All sixteen issues of "Satanax" were published by Editions Mondiales in 1948 and 1949. They were reprinted in three volumes by Ed. Prifo in 1977.

  1. Satanax le Superhomme [Satanax The Superman]

  2. [Untitled]

  3. Lutte contre l'Inconnu [Fight Against The Unknown]

  4. Satanax contre les Hommes-Lions [Satanax vs. The Lion Men]

  5. Le Défilé des Éléphants [The Canyon Of The Elephants]

  6. La Colère de Satanax [The Wrath Of Satanax]

  7. Zacharias contre Satanas [Zacharias vs. Satanax]

  8. Satanax Joue et Gagne [Satanax Plays And Wins]

  9. Bataille de Géants [Battle Of Giants]

  10. Contre ou Avec Satanax? [For Or Against Satanax?]

  11. Guerre à la Guerre [War To War]

  12. Satard, Satanax' bespectacled and skinny alter-egoLa Chute de l'Archange [The Fall Of The Archangel]

  13. Menace sur Vallorbe [Threat Over Vallorbe]

  14. Le Cauchemar est Terminé [The Nightmare Is Over]

  15. Satanax et les Fantômes [Satanax And The Ghosts]

  16. Satanax contre les Grands Maîtres [Satanax vs. The Grand Masters]

Much of the information on this page comes verbatim from Cool French Comics, used with permission. Likewise the images. Thanks to Dennis Ray for expanding on Satanax's powers.

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