Storm Force

Membership: The Mole, Storm, Stiletto, Magnus, Griffin, Mikron, Porcupine

Purpose: To combat international terrorism.

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Tarantula and his Web Masters, Kruise, Bruno Demonski

Base of Operations: Great Britain

First Appearance: Battle Storm Force (IPC, 24th January 1987); Eagle

History: Storm Force is a top secret organisation devoted to fighting evil in the world. Run by the Mole from a secret base located in central Britain, it comprises specialist operatives with incredible fighting skills. Each team member is an expert in their own field. The current combat leader is John Storm, a former mercenary recruited following the death of his predecessor.

They fought a number of bizarre foes, but the constant thorn in their side was Tarantula and his Web Masters.

Comments: For over three years Action Force had been the mainstay of the Battle Comic. And then, with little notice, the license to do a comic based on these toy-inspired characters was given to another company. Almost overnight Battle reverted to all war strips. But for the readers who had been buying the comic those last few years this left a void, and Storm Force appeared a month and a half later to fill that void.

The Mole







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