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First Appearance: Futura #23





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History: Sibilla is is the non-de-plume of Elena Drago, a woman who writes a popular astrology column in Flash, an Enquirer-like newspaper. Only the paper's editor, a bossy but very astute woman, knows that she is a real-life medium and expert in the occult.

The editor teams Sibilla with her best investigative reporter, Leonardo Verga, a skeptic, to look into unexplained cases.

Sibilla is the heiress of Cagliostro, and a member of the Drago family which also includes Dragut, Capitaine Drago, and the western avenger Drago.

Powers/Abilities: Medium

Comments: Originally published in Futura Nos. 32 and 33.

A new story featuring Sibilla and Phenix is scheduled to be published in Fantask. Sibilla also returns in Wampus.


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