Real Name: Ethan Crane

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Super-Soldier; comic book writer

Affiliations: Kid Supreme, Lady Supreme, Loki, Thor, Glory, Suprema, Radar: the Hound Supreme, Squeak the Super-Mouse


Known Relatives: Suprema (sister)


Base of Operations: Citadel

First Appearance: Supreme (Image, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Superstrength, super-endurance, flight, able to survive in space unaided.

History: In 1925 young Ethan Crane and his dog Radar where bathed in alien energies, when the alien Supremium Man crashed landed in a farmer's yard near the pair. Ethan went on to become a super soldier during the war, before apparently being lost in time for several decades. In modern times he reappeared and resumed his costumed career. With his civilian identity now working in the comic book field on the title "Omniman", Supreme lives in his Citadel surrounded by his super-powered "family"; Radar: the Hound Supreme, his sister Suprema, the robotic Superematons, and Squeak the Super-Mouse.

Comments: Created by Rob Liefield, revamped massively by Alan Moore.

Initially Rob Liefeld's Supreme was a poorly recieved Superman-like character. When Liefeld and his partner Jeph Loeb broke off from Image to create Awesome Entertainment, Alan Moore was brought in to breathe new life into the character, turning him into an extremely well recieved...Superman-like character. Indeed, if anything, Moore made Supreme even more similar to Superman than he had been before, using this as a springboard to pay homage to the various visions of the original man of steel through the decades. Moore's three issue Judgment Day mini-series expanded on the history created in Supreme and introduced many new characters from the dawn of man to the 25th century.

Unfortunately, in early 1998 Awesome Entertainment suffered a series of financial problems that stopped publication of most of the company's titles. As a result Supreme was placed on hiatus after issue #56. A follow-up series called "Supreme - The Return" ran for six issues from May '99 to Jun '00. However, the "Grand Finale" was supposed to occur in #7, which was never printed, so the series STILL was never wrapped up cleanly. (Thanks to Shaun D.Olson for this last bit of information).

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