Sailor Venus

Real Name: Minako Aino

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magical heritage

Occupation: Student

Affiliations: member of the Sailor Team; ally of Tuxedo Kamen, Artemis, Luna, Kaitou Ace, Hikaru

Enemies: Queen Beryl, Queen Neherenia, Prince Diamond, Sailor Galaxy, Nephrite, Kunzite, Zoicite, Jadeite, Queen Mataria, Prince Saphire, Wiseman/Death Fantom, Emerald, Rubeus, Cooan, Baruche, Karaberas, Petz, Eudial, Mimet, Tellu, Viluy, Cyphrine, Kaolinite, Proffesor Tomoe, Mistress 9, Pharoh 90, Hawkseye, Tigerseye, Fisheye, Queen Nehelina, Zirconia, JunJun, VesVes, CereCere, PallaPalla, Chaos, Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Aluminium Siren, Sailor Tin Naynko, Ail, Ann

Known Relatives: Unnamed parents

Aliases: Mina, Sailor V, Beautiful Little Child of Love, Soldier of Love

Base of Operations: Codename Wa Sailor V and Sailor Moon Manga: A hidden base underneath the Crown Aracade and the Hikawa Shrine, Sailor Moon Anime: The Hikawa Shrine, Sailor Moon Live action: The Hikawa Shrine and and a hidden room in the Crown Karaoke Center.

First Appearance: as Sailor V Codename wa Sailor V (Kodansha Comics 1992)

as Sailor Venus Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Kodansha/Toei Animation, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: As well as the ability to magically transform, Sailor Venus can fire beams of light to blast (Crescent Beam Smash) or restrain/whip (Love-Me Chain Encircle) opponents. She later developed the "Love and Beauty Shock" attack, which fired projectiles at her targets.

History: Minako is the re-incarnation of Sailor Venus, the princess of the planet Venus and leader of the Sailor Team who protect the Moon Princess, Princess Serenity. One day during gym class Minako landed on top of a talking cat named Artemis, who recognised her as one of the soldiers he was searching for. He helped active her powers, turning her into the champion of justice known as Sailor V. She enjoyed a series of adventures, during which police chief Natsuna Sakurada tried to recruit her, and which ultimately led to the death of Kaitou Ace (the re-incarnation of a soldier of the planet venus who was in love with Princess Venus). Before he died Ace told Minako the history of her past life, about the Dark Kingdom and the Moon Kingdom. He also informed her that she would be forever without love. This information inspired Minako to seek out to seek her companions from her past life.

Comments: Created by Naoko Takeuchi.

The Codename Wa Sailor V manga preceded the Sailor Moon mangaand was the basis for it, so the character of Sailor V is actually older then Sailor Moon. Sailor V is based of Naoko herself and Sailor Moon is based on Sailor V. In both the live action and manga versions Minako assumed a disguise as Princess of the Moon to act as a diversion until Sailor Moon was ready to take that mantle herself. In the anime they place the Sailor V story in England rather then in Tokyo, and she fought crime in the U.K. as "Sailor V", with tales of her exploits making it back to Japan, before her family returned home to Japan.

In the anime series, Fukami Rika plays Minako, with Stephanie Morganstern and Emilie Barlow dubbing the English translations. In the live action series she is played by Ayaka Komatsu.

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