Peace Party
Billy / Rain Falling (left) and Drew / Snake Standing (right)Real Names: Billy Honanie and Drew Quyatt

Identity/Class: Humans, granted superpowers by mystical forces.

Occupation: (civilian identities) Lawyer and artist respectively; charged with becoming defenders of the world by unspecified deity.

Affiliations: Each other; unspecified deity, Loon

Enemies:  Arthur "Scope" Scapulsky and his gang, Petro, racists, polluters

Known Relatives: Drew and Billy are each others cousins.

Billy's family - Louis Honanie (father); Audrey Honanie (mother, deceased); Mary Honanie (sister)

Drew's family - Leticia Quyatt (mother); Zeke Quyatt (father); Jonathan Quyatt (brother, deceased?); Nicole "Nickie" Quyatt (sister); Russell Quyatt (brother).

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Coconino County, near the San Francisco Mountains, Southwest USA

First Appearance: Peace Party  #1 (Blue Corn Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Rain Falling can control the rain (and perhaps other weather conditions, but I'm not certain), Snake Standing can command animals.

History: Billy Honanie and Drew Quyatt are cousins, both men being Hopi/Pueblo Indians. Each had taken a different path in life, with Billy becoming a lawyer, working in the big city, while Drew remained on a reservation, becoming an artist. In spite of this difference in lifestyles they remained good friends. After spending an evening together they were driving back to the reservation when their car went off the road. Immediately after the crash, the cousins found themselves in a mysterious void, where they were confronted by a mystical being who granted them superpowers and charged them to work to defend the world. Billy could now control the heavenly rains, Drew the beasts of the earth, becoming Rain Falling and Snake Standing respectively. Now the two unwitting heroes a variety of problems from prejudice and pollution to supervillains and the supernatural.

Billy and Drew in the voidThe deity who empowered the menComments: Written by and copyright to Rob Schmidt. Check out the official website at Blue Corn Comics. Information and images on this page taken from there, used with kind permission of Rob Schmidt.


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