Los Supersabios (The Super-Wise)

Membership: Panza, Pepe, Paco

Purpose: None in particular

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Solomillo

Base of Operations: Chamaco Chico, Mexico

First Appearance: Novedades (Mexican newspaper strip, January 27th, 1936)

History: Los Supersabios are a group of "super-wise" people who hale from the small town of Chamaco Chico, who engage in bizarre adventures.

Comments: Created by German Butze.

The Supersabios began as a newspaper comic strip in Mexican newspaper Novedades, which ran for a decade from 1936. In 1937 they also started to appear in the weekly "Mujeres y Deportes" (Women and Sports) magazine. They were subsequently moved into the "Chamaco" (Little Kid) subsection of the title, which was in turn later spun off into it's own title. When Chamaco ceased publication on August 13th 1953, the Supersabios got their own title, which began October of the same year. It began as a fortnightly title, but with issue #104 it changed to a weekly release schedule. The series finally ended with #646 on February 16th 1968. Between 1969 and 1976 a different company reprinted 355 of the issues, and then in 1978 another reprint run of 26 issues was released. In 1978 an animated movie of the characters was released.

Thanks to Omar Rovelo Gallardo for alerting me to the existence of this group, and Antonio Chavez Garibay for additional information. Thanks to Alejandro Salas Jiménez for providing their names, and informing me that Panza translates to mean something like "belly".

Thanks to Ulises Mavridis for permission to use information and images from La Pagina Oficial De Los Supersabios, which is authorised by the daughter of creator German Butze, who owns the worldwide rights to these characters.


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