Real Name: Sham





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: DNAgents #1 (Eclipse)

Powers/Abilities: Sham is able to alter his features to assume the appearance of others. His clothing does not change however. He carries a variety of infiltration tools and weapons in his back-pack, and is trained to be proficient in all of them. His agility is well above norm.

History: Surge is an artificially created human designed by to be used as a special operative for the Matrix corporation, who paid to create him. Like rest of his team, the DNAgents, he soon started to develop other plans for himself.

Sham is the most team oriented of all the DNAgents. Because he feels that his identity is malleable like his face, he defines himself through his family. He was instantly hostile when the rest of the team started to find emotional involvements outside the group, especially in the case of Tank, whom he is closest to. When Snafu was created, Sham bonded with him almost instantly, partly because he was one DNAgent who would never leave the safety of the family. Ironically it was Sham himself who killed Snafu when the latter was mutated by Cadaver, not realising that it was his friend.

Sham is the team's infiltration expert, and in spite of being one of the youngest looking, is one of the team's most dangerous members, because lacking innate combat powers he is trained  to use automatic weapons in a fight. He is thus the most likely to employ lethal force in battle. However he is not a casual killer; while his training dictates that when he imitates an enemy guard and steals their clothes, that he should slay the guard to avoid being exposed, the first time he was put in this situation, he decided to let the man live. Fuller profile to follow.



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