The Spider's Gallery of Foes (3)

First Appeared: Lion (various issues between 26 June 1965 - 26 April 69)

Tarantula - a petty hoodlum who donned a spider-like costume and took on an arachnid motif. This unfortunately drew the attention of the Spider, who soon brought him to justice.

The Snake - Emil Fangley had a fascination for snakes, and even set up a tourist attraction called Snake Village. After a very short while the place was bankrupt, and the bitter Fangley, inspired by witnessing a battle between the Spider and the Tarantula, decided to don a costumed identity and take revenge on the society that had spurned him.

The Death-Master - a highly paid assassin hired to kill the Spider by Crime Incorporated (they tried this before with the Exterminator). He used high tech weapons, skullduggery, and a remote controlled killer robot, but none of these could save him from defeat at the hands of the Spider.

The Red Baron - a madman who commanded a gigantic, high-tech airship and threatened to destroy New York if his demands for a billion dollars of gold were not met. The Spider took this threat to the city personally, and swiftly dealt with him.

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